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You Then, Me Now She s given her daughter everything Now it s time to give her the truth Becky s father is not just absent he s a mystery, a gaping hole in her past He died before she was born and for her mother, Laura, the subject is strictly off limits But when Laura books an unexpected trip to Greece, Becky decides to join her, determined to get closer to her mother and to the truthAs they make their way to the beautiful island of Santorini, it becomes clear that this holiday is not as impulsive as Becky thought Laura s hiding something from her daughter and she s been hiding it for as long as Becky can remember Laura has been here before, and that last visit holds the answers to Becky s pastBut Laura s memories of that first trip are tinged with pain and heartbreak, secrets she s kept buried for twenty five years Now, with the truth emerging into the sunlight at last, can mother and daughter lay the ghosts of their past to rest and find the happiness they ve both been looking for

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    This was a beautifully written story and one that didn t disappoint Transporting me across the sea to Greece, I felt fully immersed in the Santorini sunshine and could not put this down at all Written as a dual narrative, we learn about what happened to Laura when, as a young woman in her early twenties, had the opportunity to go to Santorini with her t

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    After reading Nick Alexander s The Things We Never Said, and loving every page of it, I just had to get stuck into You Then, Me Now.It is a beautiful story of, love, loss and finding yourself.

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    In that instant, I was a tiny grain of life gifted with being able to observe the inexplicable vastness of the universe, and the only thing that mattered was the excruciating beauty of being there Of being there to experience it all I read this on a whim as it was free onUnlimited and I wanted something on my Kindle phone app to read alongside a physical book I r

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    Loved this book which I got free from Prime first reads It was a lovely book to lose yourself in Some of it was quite predictable but apart from that, which didn t spoil things at all, I throughly enjoyed it I will hopefully readof this author.

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    I think this was a cleaver I dear and I enjoyed it from beginning to end I will definitely look out forbooks by Nick Alexander.

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    Kindle First Read for April To quote the football commentators cliche this was a game of two halves The story is told via mother Laura and daughter Becky I enjoyed Laura s story on the whole but not so much that of Becky I think that was partly to do with the fact that I didn t particularly like Becky as a character as I felt she acted like a brat a lot of the time She had a r

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    Too much detailThis is an ok story and I selected it as my kindle first choice this month The characters were a bit wishy washy for my taste and the amount of detail, down to everything they had to eat for every meal was so OUT and therefore boring.

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    You Then, Me Now by Nick Alexander is the first book I ve read by this highly acclaimed author, and I am of the firm opinion that the accolades are completely justified This is a story that has it all a compelling storyline, suspense, drama, secrets, intrigue, and a beautiful romance, all set against the gorgeous backdrop of Santorini Whatcould you possibly ask of a novel Becky has spent

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    I would like to start by saying that I will definitely readof Nick Alexander s novels He writes in a way that easily transposed me in Santorini which, because of this novel, I can t wait to travel to so that I can see all the shades of blue so beautifully described and to try all the seafood his characters were eating Also, let s not forget about the most beautiful sunrise on Earth.I really l

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    Charming read with an edgy side.I chose this book purely based on the Iocation given that I am getting married in Santorini next year Having been to the island before I was aware of just how beautiful a place it is and the way the author describes it in this book certainly does it justice The story had me gripped from pretty early on and I found it hard to put down a sign of a great book Additiona

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