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World War Hulk: Front Line Your street level view of the Hulk s invasion The Green Goliath has returned to Earth on a collision course with some of Marvel s mightiest heroes So what does that mean for the ordinary people caught in the crossfire Ben Urich and Sally Floyd, fresh from their appearance in Civil War Front Line, pound the pavement to uncover the story behind the story Plus Who wants our tireless reporters to take down J Jonah Jameson, and how do they want them to do it Grab your press pass, and join the Civil War Front Line team of writer Paul Jenkins and artist Ramon Bachs as they take you to the middle of the action Also featuring the Prologue to World War Hulk Hulk is coming, and no power on Earth can stop him from getting revenge on the Illuminati What events have led up to the superhuman battle to end all battles As Hulk s great stone ship approaches the planet, he prepares for the war on the horizon by reliving past conflicts with Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, and the Inhumans Collects World War Hulk Prologue World Breaker and World War Hulk Front Line

About the Author: Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins is a British comic book writer He has had much success crossing over into the American comic book market Primarily working for Marvel Comics, he has had a big part shaping the characters of the company over the past decade.

10 thoughts on “World War Hulk: Front Line

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    It s such a shame there isn tof these Front Line books for every Marvel event It s so fantastic seeing the events from a common mans perspective Highly recommended.

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    I really like these Front Line comics and how they give the ground view of what s going on from the non superhero perspective I would say if you re going to read a tie in to any event it should be the Front Line tie ins.

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    3 This is a well written, well drawn run of a totally needless storyline.

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    Civil War Front Line was the best tie in Civil War had, and even superior to the main series It explored the impact of the Superhuman Registration Act on the smaller corners of the Marvel universe, and explored the central conflict in a much deeper way than anywhere else So it makes sense Marvel would want to resurrect the title as a companio

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    Similar to Civil War Front Line this tie in to World War Hulk provides a street level view from the perspective of the two intrepid reporters Sally Floyd and Ben Urich and Sally s boyfriend, Danny Granville, detective in the Costumed Division of the NYPD This book overall was better than the Civil War tie in, but not as good as Civil War Front Line,

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    The front line comics exist to give the human point of view to major Marvel Events This time around we have it covered not only by journalists, but also by following around a police detective as he tries to solve the murder of an alien intelligent robot Ben Ulrich and Sally Floyd are covering the event and covering with J Jonah Jameson with headlines and pag

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    Pretty disappointed with this, especially with how much I liked Planet Hulk I understand now that it s a different perspective of World War Hulk, but still, such a cataclysmic event felt so boring A giant, green, angry monster comes to destroy the world and the most exciting part was a murder mystery and a newspaper feud I thought I d be diving into a first hand acc

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    Perhaps the only offshoots in the crossover series Planet Hulk which was tolerable.However could have been much better starts promisingly but ends up as a damp squib like much of the other elements of this crossover.

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    Anyone who appreciates the Hilk s desire to be left alone and the general annoyance of Tony Stark, Reed Richards and most of the X men, then this is the book for you Hulk is pissed and focused.

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    Not terrible, and I like the idea of showing the human side of these superhero ey things But it is, unfortunately, sort of boring.

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