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This is nonfiction commentary Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher s book club where you can select from than a million books without charge Chapters Novels by John Dickson Carr, Short Story Collections by John Dickson Carr, the Burning Court, the Judas Window, Death in Five Boxes, the Hollow Man, He Wouldn t Kill Patience, the Ten Teacups, the Plague Court Murders, He Who Whispers, to Wake the Dead, the White Priory Murders, the Bride of Newgate, the Punch and Judy Murders, the Nine Wrong Answers, She Died a Lady, the Case of the Constant Suicides, the Black Spectacles, the Crooked Hinge, the Cavalier s Cup, the Man Who Could Not Shudder, Till Death Do Us Part, Patrick Butler for the Defense, the Gilded Man, and So to Murder, Death Turns the Tables, in Spite of Thunder, the Problem of the Wire Cage, the Skeleton in the Clock, Murder in the Submarine Zone, the Witch of the Low Tide, the Curse of the Bronze Lamp, the Unicorn Murders, the Demoniacs, Seeing Is Believing, Night at the Mocking Widow, a Graveyard to Let, the Exploits of Sherlock Holmes, My Late Wives, Castle Skull, Hag s Nook, the Devil in Velvet, the Dead Man s Knock, the Four False Weapons, the House at Satan s Elbow, the Sleeping Sphinx, the Mad Hatter Mystery, the Arabian Nights Murder, the Men Who Explained Miracles, Poison in Jest, the Eight of Swords, the Waxworks Murder, the Reader Is Warned, Behind the Crimson Blind, Scandal at High Chimneys, the Bowstring Murders, the Red Widow Murders, Drop to His Death, the Emperor s Snuff Box, It Walks by Night Source Wikipedia Free updates online Not illustrated Excerpt And So To Murder And So To Murder is a mystery novel by the American writer John Dickson Carr , who published it under the name of Carter Dickson It is a whodunnit and features the series detective Sir Henry Merrivale and Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Humphrey MastersPlot summary Monica Stanton, the pretty and rather naive daughter of a B Works by John Dickson Carr (Study Guide): Novels by John Dickson Carr, Short Story Collections by John Dickson Carr, the Burning Court

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