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Women in Islamic Shariah The Qur An Says About WomenTreat Them With Kindness For Even If You Dislike Them, It May Be That You Dislike A Thing Which God Has Meant For Your Own Abundant Good The Prophet Of Islam SaysOnly A Man Of Noble Character Will Honor Women, And Only A Man Of Base Intentions Will Dishonor Them This Book Explains The Real And True Version Of Islamic Concept About Women As Mentioned In Quran And Sayings Of Prophet Of Islam

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    A fascinating book if only because it reveals the deep rooted prejudice and misogyny of the author and religion I ve given it one star because it does the exact opposite of its intention but it is in fact very interesting A sexist person than the author I can t believe you could actually meet and this book does nothing other than demonstrate Islam and the au...

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    One of the most very badly written books I ever read I give it one star for trying.

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