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Vlad Hay un vampiro en la ciudad de M xico Necesita tu sangre Quiere tu vida Desea a las personas que amas Y no te quitar s lo eso

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    To think of it, it s THE perfect novel to read on a rainy, rainy afternoon while sipping ultrahot but strong cappuccino at a posh Sanborn s in Mexico DF

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    Rating 3.75 of fiveThe Publisher Says Where, Carlos Fuentes asks, is a modern day vampire to roost Why not Mexico City, populated by ten million blood sausages that is, people , and a police force who won t mind a few disappearances Vlad is Vlad the Impaler, of course, whose mythic cruelty was an inspiration for Bram Stoker s Dracula In this sly sequel, Vlad really is undead

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    Ashamed to say that this is my first time reading a novel by Mexico s most celebrated author I ve read some of his essays Vlad is imbued with humor and horror, a commentary on contemporary life I was taken with the sensuality of Fuentes writing and can imagine it would be even better read in Spanish.

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    Tragic and gripping I enjoyed Vlad by Carlos Fuentes quite a bit He took Bram Stoker s novel Dracula, wrote a continuation and added a different flavor with a twist to it, and it so worked I didn t realize right away how central the Hispanic influences were to this novel, but when they hit, they were so right and full of pasi n Fuentes had a way to write most seductively When Yves Nav

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    Fuentes serves up a vampire yarn in a minimalist style Compared to many of his other works, this one is straightforward, short, and perhaps a departure from his ordinary fare.What begins as a hilarious and subtly creepy familial tale, complete with comedic and eccentric descriptions of a Count morphs into psychologically disturbing territory Culminating in a bleak and eerie crescendo of te

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    Dracula in Mexico As soon as I saw the synopsis, I wanted to read it.But, don t expect Dracula gallivanting around the city This novel is mostly confined to Vlad s new home, which our main character Yves , as an attorney, helped find and secure for him The arrival of Vlad immediately disrupts Yves s habitual, loving relationship with his wife and daughter.Disturbing events occur once Vlad arriv

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    A short vampiric tale, perhaps Fuentes s response to the Twilight phenomenon Vlad the Impaler is back and seeks fresh blood from a stoic lawyer s wife and daughter Tongue in cheeky, and faintly horrific.

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    A woman s hand in black gloves offered me the platter of organ meat I felt revulsion, but my manners required that I take a bit of liver from here and a bit of tripe from there.Yves Navarro finds himself a slave to class and upbringing throughout his encounter with the supernatural, this occurs to his detriment Likewise the reader owes a debt to Fuentes and gives him a few passes I know this reader did T

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    Dracula will never be the same for me I ve been reading Fuentes since the late 80s, and I m so sorry that there won t be anyto look forward to But on the other hand, what an incredible body of work This is not an afterthought book, or a gimme for the publisher This is the real deal, and I enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed his previous novels.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Ok, this is going to be brutal So fair warning I hated this shit If I could give this book zero stars I would have So let s get this over with.1 This book is supposed to be a version of Dracula taking place in Mexico I was super intrigued I mean I read that dumb ass book where it was teeny boppers with cell phones retelling Dracula How

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