Vision And Transformation: An Introduction To The Buddha's

Vision And Transformation: An Introduction To The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path The Eightfold Path is the most widely known formulation of the Buddha s teaching It is ancient, reaching back to the Buddha s very first discourse, and it is highly venerated as a unique treasury of wisdom and practical guidance The teaching of the Eightfold Path challenges us to grasp the implications of that vision, and asks us to transform ourselves in its light Like the teaching itself, this work covers every aspect of life

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    No hay mucho para decir al respecto Me choca ciertas interpretaciones, de la misma forma que categoriza de bellas a las met foras s lo cu ntalas, yo veo si son bellas o no.Tiene muchas ense anzas, que cualquier persona que sea considerada tendr integrada muchas de ellas sin siquiera razonarlo.Tengo que decir, que los preceptos del budismo son m s similares a mi for

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    Good content for the most part, but clearly written by an older white man or rather transcribed from his dharma talks , so there are a lot of assumptions he makes and perspectives he posits that were hard to connect with, a bit dated and sometimes problematic for example a brief interlude into some kind of weird tangent that almost seemed to take a page from a eugen

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    It was worth reading given Sangharakshita s roll as founding father of the Triratna FWBO He breaks down the 8 fold path, and gives explanations of Buddhist fundamentals Terms like the 5 hindrances and explained I found a lot of the analogies difficult to internalize It s a bitscholarly in nature and so I found it in parts harder to tie to my meditation Harder, but it

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    This book offers a thorough explanation of the 8 limbs of the Buddha s noble eightfold path Clearly presented, and with tangible reference to modern ish life Sangharakshita s descriptions don t always hit the nail on the head for me, but certainly do provide a useful angle to further consideration and a way for me to access the concepts.

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    Excelente libro de cabecera para mantenerse en el camino Muy bonita visi n de la filosof a budista Para leer varias veces.

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