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Unwilling (The MacLauchlans, #2) He should never have kissed her Laird Connor MacLauchlan doesn t want a wife, but he finds his Berserker mate in the heat of battle Though he fears for her safety from the darkness that lurks inside him, fate dictates he must take her and make her his She was meant to be his enemy s bride Born to a Ross mother and a Stewart father, Lindsay has been sold to the highest bidder On her way to meet her vile betrothed, a savage and mythic warrior slaughters her entire vanguard Now she s his captive and he seems determined to claim her body for his own Connor promises to keep her safe from the evil warlord she was to marry, but who will protect her from him

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    3.5 rounded to 4.As I said on my previous review for Unspoken you do not have to trust me, just trust Kerrigan Byrne This is flash fiction because you can read it in a flasha quick read, short story, novel

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    Enjoyed the second installment in The MacLauchlans series Not as much as the first, but still good The heroine was a bit annoying and fought her feelings The hero was a bit hard to get to know and not as likabl

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    3.5 to 4 stars

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    Unwilling is very different from Unspoken in a lot of ways, but still remains to be a great series Unwilling focuses on Connor, Rodericks older brother and Laird to their clan Connor and Roderick reside on different ends

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    Lindsay was promised to another when she becomes the prisoner to a ruthless Berserker killer who claimed her in the midst of a battle She refuses to acknowledge her feelings for him, keeping to herself and keeping him at bay

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    There was a lot dialogue in this book compared to the first, yet it lacked some the feeling you got between Roderick and Evelyn Conner could speak, which didn t necessarily work in his favor since he seemed to put his foot in it

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    After reading the first novella, Unspoken, I could not wait for Unwilling The author had told me this book was different from Unspoken, a little less erotic and a little fighting Even with those changes, I loved this book as much as t

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    Connor the Laird of the MacLaughlans has been hired to take care of the traitor of the McKays Lindsay Ross has been promised to the traitor Angus McKay and she is not happy about it In the end she has no choice She really annoyed me but I t

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    This had beautifully descriptive scenes personally loved the carriage attack descriptions the mist and the smells and sounds of the fight This also has some of the hottest carriage sexy times I ve read Now, I did have a bit of a hard time with t

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    This novella felt as though it had been written simply to bridge the gap between the first and last stories in this series I couldn t like either of the main characters and neither was developed enough to get any real insight into who they were There

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