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The Secrets of Love What would happen if you transferred the traumas of teenage love from Jane Austen s Sense and Sensibility to the twenty first century How would Ellie, Abby and Georgie fare without the restraints of nineteenth century England Will Ellie s ever sensible attitude towards life prevent her from ever snogging the gorgeous, but

About the Author: Rosie Rushton

Rosie Rushton began her career as a feature writer for a local paper Staying Cool, Surviving School was her first book, published by Piccadilly Press in 1993 After writing another non fiction title, You re My Best Friend, I Hate You available from Puffin , Rosie turned to fiction.The Leehampton seriesBest FriendsBest Friends Together 1998 Best Friends Getting Sorted 1999 Best Friends in Love 1999 What A Week series21st century AustenThe Secrets of Love 2005 Summer of Secrets 2007 Secret Schemes and Daring Dreams 2008 Love, Lies and Lizzie 2009 Echoes of Love 2010 Whatever Love Is 2012 Other booksStaying Cool, Surviving School 1993 You re My Best Friend I Hate You 1994 Poppy 1996 Olivia 1997 Sophie 1998 Melissa 1998 Jessica 2000 Life Line 1999 PS He s Mine 2000 Break Point 2001 Tell Me I m OK, really 2001 Last Seen Wearing Trainers 2002 All Change 2000 Fall Out 2002 Waving Not Drowning 2003 Friends, Enemies and Other Tiny Problems 2003

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    Not My Favorite YA AustenesqueSource PurchasedThe Dashwood sisters are having a bad year first their dad divorces their mom leaving her broken hearted and marries another woman, Pandora a self absorbed nightmare that spends their dad s money and makes him change everything about himself Then,

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    I am of mixed feelings about this book The plot was decent, and you could see elements of the original Sense and Sensibility It followed fairly close, and you could tell what events were supposed to match up I am not sure if I agree with some of the things that were changed to accommodate modern time

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    Like the book, this review is going to be a quick, easy read The plot is almost exactly that of Sense and Sensibility, just a modernized version My first reaction was disappointment that the author didn t even try to copy Austen s beautiful prose or understated humor Once I got past that, I was better able t

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    If you know Sense and Sensibility, you ll know the general outline to this There s nothing new, and the characters are rather tedious.I imagine teens who don t know the original will find elements of this funny

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    I read this book, way, WAY, WAY, back in the day I was like 8 10 11 I sure as hell don t know, but I remember really loving this book.I found it at our local library, and even at that young age I adored Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice The Secrets Of Love is a quirky modern take on Jane Austen s Sense Sensibility

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    I have to admit, this book wasn t as interesting as I thought it would be The characters of Abby, Ellie and Georgie are very shallow and cliche It didn t really have much of a plot, and I found it quite slow It just wasn t interesting, and so I don t recommend this one i ve read much better books, don t waste your time

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    2.5 stars

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    Ellie, Abbie and Georgie Dashwood are three sisters who couldn t bedifferent from each other Ellie is the responsible goody goody, Abbie is the boy crazy drama queen and Georgie is the adventurous adrenaline junkie A year ago, everything changed for the girls when their parents divorced and their dad married a younger woman named Pandora The girls

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    In Modern day England, the privileged Dashwood Sisters lives changed for the worse in their opinion when their parents divorced and their father married a health nut trophy wife Their situation worsens after their father passes away and they are uprooted from his ancestral home in Suffolk to small, sea side Norfolk, where they have to watch their budget w

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    I have a soft spot for modern adaptations of classics can you tell from my list of books here on Goodreads , and my favorite is when those adaptations are from Austen s books The Dashwood Sisters Secrets of Love tells the story of Ellie, Abby and Georgie yes, Margaret s character is finally included who must move with their mother to another town after their fath

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