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    The first book I m going to talk about is Savage Stone Age and is actually the third one I ve read, but its special subject forces me to put it in the top of the list Throughout this book you will read about the timeline of human evolution and the three prehistoric periods of mankind in a brief introductory chapter , how Stone Agers lived, the animals th

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    I won t be giving these numbered ratings but I had a good chuckle reading this one And I learnt some things about Stonehenge

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    The book was interesting, some jokes better than other It had some fun facts in it that I didn t know or had forgotten, so that was really cool to read about Nevertheless, I had a problem with the author s continuous explanations that one is wrong and the other thing is right He even used the words stupid archeologists describing a group of people who trie

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    My history mad son really enjoyed this as a bedtime read

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    I love the eponymous BBC show so, naturally, I love these books I wish they had been around when I was growing up Granted, had this been the case I would have become an even bigger history nerd than I already am, but I m ok with that These books are accessible and fun for anyone And, yes, I even learned stuff I didn t know

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    I remember the first time I read a Horrible Histories book, it was actually about Ancient Egypt I loved it then, it was history, but the real history Things you don t normally hear about because of how gruesome it is.Reading it now as an adult, I still love it I m obsessed with history, and it feels like there is always something new to learn.I cannot wait fo

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    Alright When I read a history book, I expect historical fact I ll willingly excuse some inaccuracies in some history books if their focus is not just history however, I do not disregard such blatant rejection and misinterpretation of facts as found in this one Nor do I savor the incomprehension that caused it, which is always clearly manifested unto the reader

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    As a child history was one of my favourite school subjects thus making Horrible Histories the perfect books for me.Nowadays children have the television series yet I belong to the older group that had the books Personally, I believe any child who has an interest in history should give these books a go They re truly gripping and so many topics are covered Honest

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    It was a nice before bed read nice little facts about life in den stone age, and mysteries like stone circles.

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    The book i m reading horrible histories Savage stone age, this book starts off by telling some of the things archaeologist have found back then throughout the years such as Lucy They tell us about the people who lived back then which were called hominids, hominids are humans relating to other things like apes or monkeys, they explained how they survived such as w

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