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The Obliteration of Falsehood The Obliteration of Falsehood is an English translation of Hadrat Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan s celebrated Ja al Haqq, one of the most complete, recognized and irrefutable works on proving the practices and beliefs of the Muslim Ummah for the questions raised in the modern eraIn an age wherein an increasing number of individuals believe they have the right and power to deduce the fundamentals of Islam based on a superficial understanding of the Qur an and Hadith, Ja al Haqq stands tall as a testament to the unsurpassed examinations and watertight judgments produced by the eminent researchers in the history of IslamWhy are Muslims Hanafi, Shaafi i, Maaliki, and Hanbali Why do they celebrate the birth of the Beloved Prophet What is the need to use the Prophet as mediation to Allah when Allah is constantly with us The pen of Hadrat Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan leaves no stone unturned in answering these and many other objections currently forwarded to the traditional, Sunni Muslims of our age, confirming Sunni Islam as still the only path founded on the Qur an and Sunnah and demonstrating why it remains followed by the largest group of Muslims in the worldAhsanul Ulama Publications of Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaz Ladysmith, South Africa , having already published many informative books and magazines such as Hayaatul Ambiya, Islamic Teachings, Morals Ethics, Muhammad The Prophet of Islam, Heavenly Jewels and Amjadul Ahadithvolumes spanning over , pages , now proudly presents this monumental work as a testimony to our unwavering dedication to educate and guide the Muslims of South Africa and rest of the world toward the original and true principles of the deen of IslamSayed Muhammad Aleemuddin Asdaq Misbahi AazmiFounder, Rector and Principal of Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaz

About the Author: Ahmad Yaar Khan Naeemi

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Obliteration of Falsehood book, this is one of the most wanted Ahmad Yaar Khan Naeemi author readers around the world.

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