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The Myth of the American Dream: Reflections on Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, and Power Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, And Power These Are The Central Values Of The American Dream But Are They Actually Compatible With Jesus Command To Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves In Essays Grouped Around These Four Values, D L Mayfield Asks Us To Pay Attention To The Ways They Shape Our Own Choices, And The Ways Those Choices Affect Our Neighbors Where Did These Values Come From How Have They Failed Those On The Edges Of Our Society And How Can We Disentangle Ourselves From Our Culture S Headlong Pursuit Of These Values And Live Faithful Lives Of Service To God And Our Neighbors

About the Author: D.L. Mayfield

D L Mayfield lives and writes in Portland, OR with her husband and two small children Mayfield likes to write about refugees, theology, and downward mobility, among other topics She has written for places as varied as McSweeneys, Christianity Today, Image journal, and the Toast Her book of essays, Assimilate or Go Home Notes from a Failed Missionary on Rediscovering Faith is forthcoming from HarperOne in August 2016.

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    I picked up this book expecting to hear about the dangers of allowing American cultural values to draw Christians focus away from the gospel and onto worldly controversies and concerns Instead, this book is about how Christians need to focuson worldly concerns.After another look at the title and blurb, I m not sure why I thought this was going to be a Christian book, except that I got it from the religion section on NetGalley I suppo

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    This book is a gift to the church More specifically, it s a huge gift to white, American Christians like myself I grew up homeschooled, surrounded by well meaning homeschool parents who were eager to make sure their kids had a safe, good, Christian upbringing They were doing their best But, as Mayfield s book powerfully argues, there is something far greater than that best nothing less than a commitment to seeing all of God s children in ev

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    Summary A collection of Christian reflections chronicling the author s awakening to the ways the American dream neither works for everyone nor reflects the values of the kingdom Jesus inaugurated.D L Mayfield reminds me of Tara Westover, author of Educated Both were homeschooled in strongly religious backgrounds, albeit farhealthy and functional in the case of Mayfield What distinguishes them are their very different awakenings, Westover to a lov

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    This book wasn t what I expected I thought it would be clinical and analytical but instead it runs deep with conviction, unveiling the darkness that hides under the guise of the American Dream It made my heart heavy to read, I felt the weight of injustice that the author encounters every day and I felt the hurt and frustration rolling off each page She rightly points out that the American dream carries a cost so high it means that those who suffer for it

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    this is what we should fear what our own desperate desire for safety might end up doing to those who are beloved in the eyes of God If you are a white North American, you ll find much of this book relatable and probably discomfiting at times Mayfield writes a critique of commonly accepted American values, and observes the ways that these values exclude and oppress, the way that the American dream is actually a burden built upon the bodies of people who are invi

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    The Myth of the American Dream by D.L MayfieldFor the past 3 4 years I have had a book on my heart to write Not ever having done a writing project, and being deathly afraid of critiques, I took notes, blogged a bit, preached a series with the beginning ideas of the book, and generally avoided doingI grew up in the 70s and 80s My college years were the mid to late 80s I grew up in a fundamentalist Pentecostal church and went to a denominational school to study the Bibl

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    One of the most important books of the year, filled with poetry and fire and the call to imagine a world that is holy and whole.

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    Summary Is the American Dream and Christianity compatible A couple of years ago, I learned that the word ambivalent means having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone I realized that I have been using the word wrong before that Since then, it keeps coming to mind I have contradictory ideas about The Myth of the American Dream It is a great book I exported my notes and comments on it, and I have 66 pages, 1 3 of the book that has a comment or underlined se

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    It is a weird experience to read D.L Mayfield s The Myth of the American Dream Reflections on Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, and Power while hunkered down alone in my three bedroom home located in one of the rougher areas of Indianapolis s Eastside Not quite in my mid 50 s, I m a paraplegic double amputee who has far outlived my life expectancy with spina bifida and who only recently spent 3 months off work due to amputation of my left leg above the knee I work full time I own my home I d I

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    Mayfield is a deep feeler and thinker whose writing sometimes comes across asthan weighty, heavy, to me but this very reason is why I ll keep reading her words, because this same weightiness stays with me long after the fact That being said, I m also so glad the epilogue ended on a lighter note because some things, for me, apparently never change.

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