The Lebanese Army: A National Institution in a Divided

The Lebanese Army: A National Institution in a Divided Society Oren Barak sheds new light on the major political and social developments in Lebanon since its independence by focusing on the emergence of the Lebanese Army, its paralysis during the civil war fromto , and its reconstruction after the war He discusses the remarkable transformation of a military dominated by one sector of society the Christian communities, and particularly the Maronites into one that is characterized by power sharing among Lebanon s various communities, large families, and regions The book develops a new approach to the study of the role of the military in divided societies by examining military institutions from three intertwined angles first, as major arenas for social coexistence and conflict second, as actors that are involved in politics but are also affected by political processes and third, as actors that promote the process of state formation This comprehensive look at Lebanon will inform the discussion of other divided societies, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, that face the dual challenge of restoring the political system and the security sector after state failure and intrastate conflict

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