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The Infirmary Introducing a new multicast drama by LJ Ross, the author of the international number one best selling series the DCI Ryan mysteries There s a serial killer targeting the streets of Newcastle, seemingly picking his victims at random but subjecting them all to the same torturous end When the Chief Inspector on the case goes missing, it falls on DCI Ryan to track down the man who is brutally murdering women and goading the police to catch me if you can As everyone becomes a suspect, Ryan and his team get drawn further and further into the case, but for Ryan the nightmare gets closer to home than he could ever have imagined This Audible Original drama stars Tom Bateman Murder on the Orient Express, Jekyll Hyde, Snatched , Bertie Carvel Doctor Foster, Les Mis rables , Hermione Norris Spooks, Cold Feet and Kevin Whately Lewis, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and is a prequel to the DCI Ryan seriesStarring Alun Armstrong, Rachel Atkins, Tom Bateman, Mark Bazeley, Anna Bolton, Bertie Carvel, Stephen Critchlow, Vicki Davids, Reece Dinsdale, Harriet Ghost, Frances Jeater, Jack Lloyd, Dean Logan, Daniel Matthew Lemon, Roger May, Hermione Norris, Kate Okello, Colleen Prendergast, Shaun Prendergast, Nicholas Rowe, David Seddon, Marlene Sidaway, Tom Slatter, Fiona Victory, Lauren Waine, Kevin Whately and Hannah Wood

About the Author: L.J. Ross

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, LJ Ross moved to London where she graduated from King s College London with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Law After working in the City as a regulatory lawyer for a number of years, she realised it was high time for a change Her first book, Holy Island , has consistently been listed as anbestseller since its release in January 2015 and hit theUK Kindle 1 position in May 2015 Its sequels, Syca Gap , Heavenfield and Angel have all been 1 bestsellers If you would like to connect with LJ Ross, she would be very happy to hear from you

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    The Infirmary is the prequel to the best selling DCI Ryan series, and a good introduction to the series for those who haven t read any of the books For those familiar with the characters, this prequel brings insights of the early history of the team Though all dye hard fans will know the outcome o

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    The Infirmary is the prequel to the exciting DCI Ryan mystery series In it, we discover what happened prior to Ryan s sabbatical on Holy Island and how he met the serial killer known as The Hacker If you ve never read any of these, this is a great place to start, as it provides an introduction to the enti

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    4 starsAudiobook ratingnarrated by Tom Bateman, Bertie Carvel, Hermione Norris, Kevin Whately Story Narrative voice style Vocal characterisations Inflection intonation Voice quality Overall Great performance, highly recommended

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    The Infirmary is a prequel, filling in DCI Ryan s backstory pre Holy Island, and how he came to be taking a sabbatical at the start of the series Even though anyone who is familiar with the books will know how this ends, it doesn t detract from the impact of the drama in any way If you re new to the DCI Ryan series this

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    If you are a fan of the DCI Ryan series then this book really is an absolute must read Even if you haven t, this is a great book to start the series off with, with it actually being the prequel.There is an event that happens in Ryan s past that the author touches on in the series and this has been something I have been dying to

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    Eeeeeeeek That was quite a bit darker than the rest of this series Although it is book 11 in the series it is a prequel to the first book, Holy Island, so you know how it s going to end This is all about the infamous Hacker So although I knew the ending would be gut wrenching, the whole journey wasn t that comfortable either Very dark a

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    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG What a bloody production Before I rave about the story, I really do have to gush about the production of this audiobook This is how every audiobook should be done, with multiple people I mean flipping heck, I really can not tell you how epic this was The minute details, where you have people walking in the background, answer

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    I knew I didn t have time to listen to The Infirmary in its entirety today I was going to listen to a bit whilst I swept and cleaned the floors and then I had work to do that just couldn t wait anyI am now the proud owner of the cleanest floor in the UK, and possibly the world I just couldn t stop, it s a totally gripping and absorbing dramatisation I

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    I was so looking forward to reading this prequel of DCI Ryan Mysteries L.J Ross The Infirmary DCI Ryan 11 illustrates the so very human side of DCI Ryan as he finds himself the lead investigator of a horrific serial killer case that paralyzes the city of Newcastle in Northumbria, England in 2014 The author through her excellent descriptive narrative states how

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    Amazing prequel to this superb series Again five stars for Ryan Co After having read the first 10 installments this story isor less known But it is told so well, it reads like a new one Amazing prequel to this superb series Again five stars for Ryan Co After having read the first 10 installments this story isor less known But it is told so well, it reads like a new on

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