The Creature from Club Lagoona MOBI Õ The Creature

The Creature from Club Lagoona (Ghosts of Fear Street, #21) liked this one I don t remember reading it as a kid although I very well might have.the whole time I was reading it I had that feeling you get when you swallow pool water and your nose stings and your eyes burn the main character of this book was basically water, as it was mentioned on every page and that was the whole theme of club lagoona really cool setting, interesting enough story, weak ending but I m okay with it because as far as r.l stine s kids series go, he can do no wrong on the cover of this one was a little blurb about a contest to meet r.l stine and the sweepstakes ended in 1997 P man I feel oldI also love those little order forms these books have in the back of them where you were supposed check off the books you wanted, tear the form s out and mail them in with a check or money order enclosed and allow up to six weeks for delivery oh nostalgia. The best way to describe R.L Stine s books is cute horror. Very good book Has much details This book kept me on the edge of my sit I highly recommend this book. funny This is a really weird book I am really disappointed Libro gil, sencillo, divertido y muy imaginativo Pertenece a una saga de 22 libros OO Tad s family vacation at Club Lagoona, a wet and wild water resort, seems like it will be nothing but fun in the sun But not for Tad He s afraid of the water and he should be Because there s something lurking beneath the surface of the club s tremendous Atlantis pool It s big It s green And it loves slow swimmers for lunch

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