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The Archery Contest Alexander Fitzhugh Is A Bear Of A Man, Quite Content To Spend His Time With His Sturdy Mistresses When Both His Father And His Cousin Begin To Pester The Rakehell To Fulfill His Obligation To Produce An Heir, He Balks At The Idea Of Having To Select His Bride From The Dainty Debutantes Of The Season Thinking To Eventually Find A Robust Widow, He Is Not Prepared For The Campaign Launched Upon Him By Bill , A Petite Blonde Vixen Who Already Has Than Enough Young Swains Dancing To Her Tune Nor Is He Prepared For The Raging Desire And Protectiveness She Evokes In HimLady Wilhemina Kirkpatrick, Or Willy As Her Intimates Call Her, Is Enjoying Her First Season And Plans To Find A Suitable Rouge To Teach Her The Art Of Becoming A Flirt Once She Sets Eyes On Alexander Fitzhugh However, The Headstrong Young Lady Quickly Decides The Earl Will Be The Perfect Match For Her Undaunted By His Surly Behavior Toward Her, For She Has Seen The Blatant Passion Burning In His Eyes, She Contrives To Ensnare The Acrimonious Lord And Everyone Knows What Willy Wants, Willy Gets

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    What a great romp of a story One thing I absolutely cannot stand is weak willed, mealy mouthed heroines who sit quietly by while their lives are mapped out for them, or who follow the hero blindly about because they love him even though they disagree with the man Willy, the heroine in The Archery Contest, would eat a heroine like

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    I won a free copy of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.I m not giving this a star rating since I do not feel it would be fair I stopped reading this book after only a few chapters I didn t know much about this book before entering the giveaway besides that it involved archery and had a pretty cover I didn t know it was a romance novel

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    Historical novels are not my genre of choice, but I really enjoyed this story I m a sucker for a hero that most heroines would shy away from Alex is that kind of hero I root for heroines like Willy who know what they want, who have the courage to go after it,...

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    I loved Willy s spunkiness and determination to get her man Poor Alex didn t know what hit him, LOL The Archery Contest is a fun, energetic romp, and author Lori Lyn has the perfect voice for pulling off the flirtatious, tempestuous relationship bet...

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    I loved this book Very light hearted and entertaining I really enjoyed the character development I would definitely pick up the next book in the series if there s another one Highly recommended, especially for readers who want a light hearted, funny read.

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    Awesome book

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    I received this book free through the goodreads giveaway I really enjoyed this story and had a hard time putting it down Thanks

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    I found this read dumb in every sense.

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    Review to Follow

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    This book had it s funny moments, which I liked, but I hated that the hero still had sex with his mistress after he met the heroine.

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