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Adam Raccoon at Forever Falls This is a picture book for primary readers It s about a raccoon names Adam who does something he s not supposed to It s a cute little story, it s meant to illustrate the salvation story in the Bible however, it could be used in a public classroom as long as that s not told It could just be used as a cute story to show children how important it is to listen to those in authority Adam didn t listen and thought someone got hurt, even killed because of his disobedience As a result it could be used either in a Christian school or a public school It s a cute book with bold pictures I ve always loved the art work in these books where the characters are clear and crisp line drawing and the backgrounds tend to be blended and not so defined The words are in fairly big type and the sentences are easy to read and understand It s a really great book for kids who are just starting to read. In this book, Adam is warned to stay away from a certain pond He knows he is not allowed to swim in it, but he does anyway He is swept away by the current and just as he is about to go over the falls, King Aren saves him I love this book It can be used to teach why doing what you re told is important. Adam Raccoon loves to swim and could do it all day, but there is one pool he longs to swim in most of all King Aren has forbidden swimming in it since it is the pool right above Forever Falls But a quick dip can t hurt, right This picture book is a wonderful allegory about our need for salvation No, it s not exactly subtle, but it s a parable, it s not supposed to be But it tells a fun story along the way, and the wonderful illustrations will keep kids interested.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. Foolish Adam Raccoon can t stay away from Forever Falls although he s been told not to go there When he is swept away, King Aren gives his life to save him This symbolic story showing salvation is awesome I love reading it to my kids Very cute pictures, although I personally would prefer King Aren to be majestic. Text to text the gospel story GREAT children s books Kids Will Love Following Adam Raccoon On His Adventures Throughout The Master S Wood It Is A Place Of Natural Beauty, With Streams, Waterfalls, Flowering Meadows And Groves Of Tall Trees It Is Also A Wild And Untamed Land Where Wolves And Dangers Abound Fortunately, King Aren Watches Over And Protects Adam And His Friends Who Love To Play And Explore Every Corner Of Master S Wood This is by far my favorite of Glen Keane s books A parable about salvation The art is spectacular and the message cannot be missed Great read aloud book for children 4 8 yrs.

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A 38 year veteran of Walt Disney Feature Animation, Glen Keane is most noted for creating and animating such legendary Disney characters as Ariel in The Little Mermaid , Aladdin, Pocahontas, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast , and Tarzan Glen also served as Supervising Animator and Executive Producer on Disney s 2010 box office hit, Tangled.In 1972, Keane applied to study at the California

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