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Spiretown Genres Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Yaoi M M erotic romanceIt s been several years since the end of the Mage wars Those born with the taint of magic are sent to places like Spiretown, a city within a city that serves as a prison for its inhabitants Logan Grey is the self proclaimed mayor of this ghetto, but he s suddenly found himself in some trouble, and he needs help from an unlikely sourceTemplar Battalion Commander Collin Anderfels is having a very bad week His fianc e left him for his best friend, he was blown up in a raid gone wrong, and now he s been forced to protect a man who represents everything that Collin loathes Worse still is the fact that Logan Grey keeps saving his life, and he seems intent on bedding the young Commander, despite Collin s sometimes violent protestsSomehow, beyond prejudice and deceit these two unlikely partners find themselves becoming than just allies, but can a love born from lies survive when the gates of hell are torn open

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    Dark urban fantasy set in a grim future after the mage wars between plainblood humans and those humans who are tainted with magic mages Wonderful world building I truly hope forto come in this world, as I would welcome the chance to re visit.The characterizations are outstanding The MCs, Logan and Collin, are do what you have to sort o

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    Free today 4th Feb 2013 on .co.ukLia Black creates a world where Mages live in regulated ghettoes Collin is a Templar Commander charged with keeping control of the Mages of Spiretown Logan is a powerful Dreamer and brothel owner who styles himself mayor of Spiretown The story brings them together in an improbable pairingHow old were you

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    3.5 stars rounded up for being free This was a cool little alternative earth book about an America where magic exists and mages are considered too dangerous to roam around freely, so they get rounded up and chucked in ghettoes Enforcing all of this are the Templars, an elite brand of police who deal with magic users The romance is of the

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    It probably says a lot that it took me four days to read this.and I still skimmed the lonnng action sequence at the end Although the story moved on at a fast pace and the plot kept me engaged, the characters never lived up to their potential I ve read some amazing character driven romances lately, and these two MCs seemed like flat carica

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    3 1 2 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com Spiretown, a place where people born with the taint magic are shipped to when their magic becomes apparent Logan is a mage, who has his own little part of the world in Spiretown, but he needs help when he discovers the Red Seal a group of rogue mages

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    Free onright now 4 28 13 Not sure for how long though Free onright now 4 28 13 Not sure for how long though

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    Done And it only took me a little over 5 years

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    In this urban fantasy humanity is divided between plainblood, normal human beings, and tainted, a minority who possesses powers that appear magical The tainted are powerful but vulnerable to the influence of demons who may possess them to enter the human reality.Past wars have brought humanity to a situation where the tainted no longer have r

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    I REALLY liked this I struggle finding paranormal uf books I like in the m m genre but this one really worked for me It s about Collin, a paranormal cop who monitors the mages in their world Collin believes they re all bad and has helped in the persecution of their race He s assigned to protect the leader of the mages, Logan, and finds out all

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    Spiretown is not a happy place It s where mages are relocated against their will a place where they can be forgotten It s a grim corner of the world, and a romance set here isn t going to be all butterflies and sunlit fields The characters are real, imperfect people who are forced together They re smart and they re sexy and they make the most o

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