Slavery Part 1 & 2: Captured & Operated on! Epub

Slavery Part 1 & 2: Captured & Operated on! These two parts are available to buy seperately In this fantasy fiction, the protagonist is captured by three beautiful women, tortured in front of a large audience using medical fetish procedures, whipping, caning, confinement and electric shocksEventually he is forced to lie submissively while these women discuss whether to castrate him or notIn part , he finds himself further at thier mercy, gradually forcing him to be and female, eventually culminating in a surgical operation to transform him into a beautiful woman But with a twist Will he accept his new life, or when his chance for freedom comes will be flee Warning Contains a graphic description of awake transgender surgeryOver , words

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    this is a thing that i have read nods yes, indeed.there is no rating from me, because i read it from interest,than the expectation i would enjoy the kink which is a good thing, because this is not a kink i enjoy at all not only does forced feminization squick me out, hyperfemininity itself squicks me out there is no human i would enjoy reading about

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    Hankering for some sadistic body modification and non con sissification Ms Mountford burst onto the femdom scene and each book is pretty hot in the humiliation aspects In this two part series, it s a BDSM sissification and body modification fetish lover s delight A poor guy delivering outside heating units is tricked into trying out a BDSM restraint

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    This is a combined edition featuring Slavery Captured Part 1 and Slavery Operated On Part 2 I m going to discuss to the two parts of the story individually below.Slavery Captured Part 1 This is a story about a man who is hired to install some heaters for a private event When he discovers that the event is some kind of demonstration of alternative life

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    I ve read the first part of this excellent storie Miss Mountford once again takes us deep into the minds of the main characters in this case, the contradictions in the Sissy Boy The dominating women are well described and very interesting I must confess the character of Anita Grey turned out to be very special and attractive The idea of a dominant fema

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    Well, one thing I learned from this book, I am definitely not a fan of extreme body mod I read this for the taboo reading challenge in the BDSM group, the category was femdom body mod I can handle piercings and such but the way the ladies performed the operation gave me nightmares I don t even have testicles, yet mine hurt while reading this There were

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    Yet another wonderful installment from the author who has brought us so many other great titles The book reads well I won t get into the details because you can do that by reading the detailed description This latest story has enough twists and turns to make one dizzy with delight Read this book eagerly You can t go wrong

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This was one of those stories that started out good, went a bit weird but good, then nose dived The awake non con gender reassignment surgery is what bombed with me Early on in the story, it was a case of the gentleman protesting too much But by the actual surgery point it was

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