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Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World Lionel Casson s encyclopedic study is the first of its kind to use underwater archaeological data to refine and area of scholarship that had, for the most part, relied on ancient texts and graphic representations Tracing the history of early ships and seamanship from pre dynastic Egypt to the Roman empire, from skiffs and barges to huge oared warships and royal yachts, Casson describes not only the ships themselves, but also the make up and training of the crews, placement of weaponry, how cargo was stored, methods of navigation, harbor facilities, and the ways ships were named

About the Author: Lionel Casson

Lionel Casson was a classicist, professor emeritus at New York University, and a specialist in maritime history.

10 thoughts on “Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World

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    This is a scholarly research book I had to read for my Ancient Technology class this semester It is very detailed and Casson gives you EVERYTHING you would ever want to know about ships of the ancient world

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    Fascinating account of the development of sail, shipping, warfare, and trade in the ancient Mediterranean For a scholarly document, it reads like popular fiction and I had trouble putting it away.

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    Casson was a professor of classics at NYU but he was known to aficionados of naval history as the leading expositor of maritime archaeology He also wrote several books on the subject for young readers, which was how I discove

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    The Ancient Mariners is the lighter andaccessible version of this book Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World is the heavy, much thicker, and much denser academic version of the same information, which will be useful to those who a

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    Casson s landmark work on ships and seamanship in the ancient world propelled me toward my Master s Thesis I have no idea what sparks my interest in navies and the sea, other than a father who hated his navy service and a father in law who wis

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    A great book.

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    For students of the sea, this is a must read A detailed scientific study of shipbuildng and seamanship i the ancient world

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    One of the best books of the subject.

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