See You in a Hundred Years: Discover One Young Family's

See You in a Hundred Years: Discover One Young Family's Search for a Simpler Life . . . Four Seasons of Living in the Year 1900 Logan Ward and his wife, Heather, were prototypical New Yorkers circatheir lives steeped in ambition, work, and stress Feeling their souls grow numb, wanting their toddler son to see the stars at night, the Wards made a plan They would return to their native South, find a farm, and for one year live exactly as people did inVirginia without a car or electricity and with only the food they could grow themselves It was a project that would push their relationship to the brink and illuminate stunning hardships and equally remarkable surprisesFrom Logan s emotionally charged battles with Belle, the family workhorse, to Heather s daily trials with a wood fired cooking stove and a constant siege of garden pests and cantankerous animals, the Wards were soon overwhelmed by their new life At the same time as Logan and Heather struggled with their increasingly fragile relationship, as their son relished simple joys, the couple discovered something else within their self imposed time warp, they had found a community, a sense of belonging, and an appreciation both for what we ve lost and what we ve gained across a century of change

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    Worth the read, if only to laugh at them Why, folks Why As far as I can tell, the real driver in their whole adventure must have been the book contract I can appreciate the desire for a simpler,rustic, self sufficient life hey I picked up the book, didn t I , but the strictures they place on themselves are ludicrous And given that they were determined to l

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    The premise of the book was okay, butI m a country girl myself My great grand s house had been outfitted with electricity and running water by the time I came along, but right up the path my grandad still had to get well water and the bathroom consisting of a room with a big metal tin for bathing in with a chamberpot for the nightly bathroom trips and an outhou

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    I ll admit that I received this book nearly 4 months ago for Christmas and it has languished on a shelf b c it s non fiction My husband wasexcited about it and read it not long ago, at which point he strongly encouraged me to make time to read it With non fiction books, I essentially have to force myself to get started and then if it s a good book, it s easier to ke

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    Tired of their stressed out 21st century city life, Heather and Logan Ward and their young son, Luther, sell their fashionable New York City apartment and buy a farm from another century They settle in the farming community of Swoope in Virginia s Shenendoah Valley, determined to live a nothing modern life out of 1900, for one full year.Sound romantic, maybe even idyllic

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    I really enjoyed this account of a family trying to live a year as though it were 1900 though I was put off by the many f words in the first half just a warning to like minded friends First, the author just tells us his family s decision, describes how it went, relates what he thinks of it along the way, and honestly shares his conclusions There is no agenda, no politics, no

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    Logan Ward and his wife Heather took their son and set up house in the Shenandoah Valley here in Virginia They spent a year living as if it s the year 1900 growing their own food, forgoing TV and tampons, taking splash baths, etc.Damn, I like this book.It s not even the 1900 stuff that s most interesting, although it is Their son is still in diapers when they start the project, br

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    This is a leisurely read of a family who decides to move from New York City to rural Virginia and, muchimportantly, live without technology that did not exist in the year 1900 This is not an updated Walden The autobiographer certainly extolls the virtues of living off the land, getting off the grid, and many other sustainability type coloquialisms However, the family quickly learns tha

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    This book chronicled a family s decision and execution of an idea to live as if it were 1900 for one year It s a fascinating look at everything they have to remove from their newly purchased rural farm such as electricity, indoor plumbing and even the automated water pump and their resulting dependence on the land, their animals, each other and their community You ll think they re crazy the

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    Mildly interesting but largely uninspiring, this book is another entry in the alternative living project lit category A young, harried, professional couple with baby in tow decide to drop out of the rat race for a year and live on a rural farm as if it were 1900 Clearly the result of a book deal, it feels a little too gimmicky and not very historical Watch 1900 House or Frontier House by PBS for

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    I read this book because I thought it would be fun and interesting which it was , but I was also surprised by its depth The writing was funny and honest It was probablyabout family and community than it was about the 1900s though there was that aspect too The book made me examine my own modern life in a way I had not done before Reading the book was enjoyable and thought provoking a rare combination

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