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See You in a Hundred Years From Publishers Weekly Manhattan freelance writer Ward and his wife, Heather, faced a steep learning curve when they abandoned harried, technology driven lives for a year not just in the country but in the country as it was a century ago Their mantra was, If it didn t exist in , we will do without, and they did no electricity, no telephone, no computer This breezy account of their stubbornly quixotic odyssey begins in June , with Logan exhausted pumping water from a well, ineptly milking cantankerous goats and confronting his fear of a , pound Percheron, while Heather coped with the cooking stove s suffocating heat, her fear of snakes and hand scrubbing two year old Luther s cloth diapers Their garden, planted late, was soon parched by drought and plagued by pests, the most severe of several crises, since it was their winter food Ward writes candidly about how tempers flared and sexual intimacy vanished in the early months of their adventure, but the stress of a daunting new experience soon settled into the comfort of routine, as the couple canned dozens of quarts of produce once the rains returned and forged friendships with curious, ultimately supportive country neighbors This lyrical account of keeping the st century at bay is real, and rewarding, than any survival TV show June Copyright c Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved Logan Ward shares his family s brave adventure in this memorable and heartwarming memoir With fetching candor, he describes his family s escape from the stress of modern living I found myself completely involved with their experiment You will find much in this book to think about It s as valuable as a how not to endeavor as it is a how to inspiration Mildred Armstrong Kalish, author of Little Heathens A meditation on the value of modern living Birmingham News Ward has crafted a thoughtful, sweet natured book one to read s l o w l y, by candlelight if possible, with a still mind and a settled heart Hampton Sides, author of Blood and Thunder and Americana A lively tale, told with admirable honesty Raleigh NC News Observer Logan Ward and his wife, Heather, were prototypical New Yorkers circatheir lives steeped in ambition, work, and stress Feeling their souls grow numb, wanting their toddler son to see the stars at night, the Wards made a plan They would return to their native South, find a farm, and for one year live exactly as people did inVirginia without a car or electricity and with only the food they could grow themselves It was a project that would push their relationship to the brink and illuminate stunning hardships and equally remarkable surprises From Logan s emotionally charged battles with Belle, the family workhorse, to Heather s daily trials with a wood fired cooking stove and a constant siege of garden pests and cantankerous animals, the Wards were soon overwhelmed by their new life At the same time as Logan and Heather struggled with their increasingly fragile relationship, as their son relished simple joys, the couple discovered something else within their self imposed time warp, they had found a community, a sense of belonging, and an appreciation both for what we ve lost and what we ve gained across a century of change

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    This was a book that I didn t want to end Ward shares an honest summary of what it was like for he and his family to live in the year 1900 from the frustration, the success, the judgement from others self, and how challenging it can be to learn to live in a way that s in tune with the seasons without the generational teaching Brushing aside all the critique of white privileg

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    A thoughtfully compiled documentation of a year a century ago Left me wondering could I do it Would I want to What could I learn by even a partial embrace of disconnecting from today And with specifically the Covid 19 experience among us, perhaps I should consider some applications sooner than I would have I liked this book an interesting read that captured my attention throughout

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    An eye opening look at the reality of living just after the turn of the century It left me with a better appreciation of all my modern conveniences but also made me take a hard look at my willingness to truly work on a daily basis.

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    This was not only entertaining but very thought provoking How many would be willing to give up all of the things we rely on daily to live as if it were 1900 I would guess not many I was drawn into the story and wondered if they could make it work The challenges were great and they did an amazing job both in living it out and telling the story with just enough detail to keep it interesting but

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    Not sure I would have read this book had it not been a selection of my book club It was okay, although frankly, I thought the whole idea was stupid and foolhardy The writing tone was so matter of fact that there was little dramatic interest I did enjoy reading about that part of Virginia, though, which truly is gorgeous.

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    This was a really interesting and enjoyable true story about a family who chooses to leave their New York life and move to a farm and live for a year without electricity, running water, or anything else that wasn t available in 1900 Loved it.

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