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After discovering the lost wedding ring of his late wife, Alex can t handle being around Elsie any He needs to find a way to open up to her again, but he will need time Elsie wants to be able to wait for him, but she can t know for sure if Alex will ever come back to her She wants him to be happy, but can t let go yet Everything went so wrong for the both of them when it could have been so easy Secrets of Winter

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    I m hooked 3 books in a day So easy to read on my iPhone I m hooked love the work cant wait to finish this series must read

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    A love story formed in such a way that you can t resist it That one sentence was what I thought when I turned the last page of Secrets of Winter The whole reveal of Sophie s mother was heart breaking and to see the pair go through something that isn t easy for anyone to go through was touching It reminds you of how strong a parent bond can be e

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