Reluctant Bride: A Grace Filled Governess Carried

Maryanne is a governess to two children, Mindy and Tracey Their mother is not a hands on parent so Maryanne has been as much of a mother as a governess On a very stormy night the mother is killed in an accident Because of the many debts incurred by Mrs Turner there is no money left, including the childrens inheritance, so the house and all the furnishings have to be auctioned off to poay those debts Robert, the long exiled brother of Mr Turner, who was killed in a drowning accident some years before, shows up wanting to make amends with his brother He discovers that hes an uncle and he asks Maryanne if she will marry him and travel to Kansas with him and the children She refuses, at first, but when certain things come to be known she changes her mind Reluctant Bride: A Grace Filled Governess Carried Unexpectedly to the Arms of a Broken Brother

About the Author: Terri Grace

I am at heart a storyteller, and a helplessly hopeful romantic All of my books are clean Christian romance with great stories, wonderful characters, and delightfully happy endings Above all else, I love to write Mail Order Bride historical romance, but also enjoy baking in a little cozy mystery now and again to keep readers on their toes So if you are ready for some good old Mail Order Brides of the West romance, or an adventurous American Mail Order Brides series, you will always discover an exciting historical western romance novella or short story to suit your taste.I also have some free Mail Order Bride books for you Just go to to download them for free All of my Mail Order Bride historical western romance Kindle Unlimited titles are free to read for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

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