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Ravenous This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN BUUVEOS Is it wrong to be this Ravenous When Jennifer Finn was good, she was very very good, and when she was bad she got arrested for assault and indecent exposure Now Jen s back in school and determined to find her balance But one man seems just as determined to destroy her equilibrium, and he knows all the right buttons to pushWhat began as a favor for an old friend became something the instant Trick Dunham laid eyes on Jen Now he can t resist inserting himself into her life, despite warnings from her family Little Finn might be struggling to find her path but Trick knows exactly where she belongs What she needs He just has to get her and their third to agreeProfessor Declan Kelley has a weakness for his old lover, Trick The bad boy ex con has become a wickedly sensual man who comes whenever he pleases, but never stays When he shows up again it s to offer Declan one of his darkest desires to date Jennifer Finn and Trick together on a three way platter But that would threaten the safe, uncomplicated life he s built for himself, and Declan s not doing that for anythingUnless it s forever WarningThis book is a Jenga tower of sin Explicit, graphic, shocking, teetering on the edge of unbalanced, unapologetic sin M m, m f, f watching m m together and liking it so much that m grabs f and makes her a part of the dirtiest m m f m nage in history That s right, I said it Role play the hot for teacher kind, the sexy thief in the night kind AND well sometimes you just have to ignore the warnings and dive right in

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    When Trick first saw Jennifer Little Finn Finn, he knew she was the perfect woman to complete his and Declan s relationship Doesn t matter that he and Declan haven t been together for a long time, he knows that he still belongs to Declan Now he just has to get both Jen, and Declan to agree to a relationship with him, and each other I ve been enjoying this series all week, and I

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    Erotic MMF menage romance with shades of BDSM.This book pairs 2 bisexual H s who ve been on and off forthan a decade with a 26 yr old college student h who is into mild BDSM, sassy and a bit bratty One of the H s is the h s professor and that made it evenhot.The h suffers from the youngest child syndrome, especially being the only girl surrounded by oblivious but overbearingly prot

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    Remember when like a week ago I was thinking the universe was conspiring against me to cheat me out of MMF I think the universe just made it up to me When I saw this was available on the cheap I snapped it right up I have no regrets None.I ve not read any of the rest of the series, but I was able to keep up for the most part with the Finn family This author is new to me and this will n

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    FREE ontoday 12 12 2019

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    Part of a series that has to be read in order Part of a series that has to be read in order

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    Sadly this one just wasn t as great to me as the previous books, it just didn t do much for me for some reason I loved Declan and Trick, Jen was just meh I don t know she just annoyed me at times and I honestly didn t feel any connection with her Also I didn t really feel a connection with her and either of the guys, especially when she didn t even fight for them, at all I think I would rather hav

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    Ravenous is book four in the Finn Factor series and this one shows us Jen Little Finn getting her happily ever after In the first book she breaks off an engagement with an awful man who has made her incredibly unhappy In the next two she goes a little wild and by the start of this book, she has settled down, going back to college and trying to find herself However along the way she finds two men she s

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    I read a book with girl parts and got cocky enough to try another Yea. i think I ve read enough about girl parts to last a long while I think I ll stick to MM no rating I should have known better.

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    Oh the angstI loved this book so much that im pretty sure its my favorite one to date The Finns are this larger than life family who stick close together but keep these monumental secrets It s never small shit neither, the Finns go real big or they don t do it at all..Jennifer Finn AkA Little Finn, is basically starting over She has cleaned the smudges off her halo and is being the respectable non problem chi

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    I ll do a full review of this story shortly because it deserves the praise but for right now all you need to know is I ve loved the Finn family since the moment I met Owen Finn in Curious, book 1 of the Finn family Owen and Jeremy are still mypeople if you know me or follow my reviews then you should know what an honor that is but Jennifer Finn managed to bump Stephen Finn AND Brady Finn right out of their ranks

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