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Prince of Swords She is an impoverished noblewoman who lives by her wits as a Tarot reader for the English nobility He is London s most notorious cat burglarThey met one dark, glittering night Yet even Jessamine Maitland cannot foresee the destiny that will sweep her into the adventure of her life with the proud, arrogant thief who has no intention of ever being caught by man or womanBut Alastair MacAlpin has not reckoned on Jessamine and a passion that will turn a game of cat and mouse into a matter of life and death As the elusive aristocrat attempts the most daring coup of his checkered career, he is undone by this elegant beauty who sees the tenderness behind his mocking fa ade and who will pursue him over rooftops and to the ends of the earth, if she must, for the love only he can give her

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    3.5 starsThis Georgian historical romance typifies Anne Stuart s best writing in many ways There s the sparkling chemistry, witty dialogue, fast paced plot, and a secondary yet equally compelling romance And of course, the cynical alpha hero who only does women not emotions and the ordinary heroine whom he finds extraordinary.One of the reasons I enjoye

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    I m going to kill you, she announced.He glanced around him I m afraid I m fresh out of headmen s axes, sweeting You want to saw away at my neck with a butter knifePrince of Swords is the story of Jessamine and Alistair.Our heroine is the impoverished noblewoman who lives by her wits as a Tarot reader for the English nobility, our hero London s most notorious

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    4.5 Another winner from Anne Stuart Alistair or the Cat is an impoverished Earl who has resorted to stealing jewels in order to rebuild his fortune But even after he s filled his coffers, he can t seem to stop his night walks that keep him from being bored And everything becomes wayinteresting when he meets Jessamine, a respectable woman clearly fallen on hard time

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    Anne Stuart can write Historical Romances as well YAYI don t think I ve ever cheered on a secondary romance this much I loved the romance almost as much as the primary one.I loved how the two love interests completely contradicted each other in so many ways yet you couldn t help fall in love with both of them.Gahh so much sweetness in this book MUST HAVE MORE.

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    Wow, the hero and heroine REALLY GOT ON MY NERVES I know Anne Stuart always write about masterful, amoral and ruthless men, with strong but actually incredibly foolish and vulnerable females who just can t help but fall for em I have read a number of her books, and enjoyed them, because she usually inter cut the hero s apparent cruelty with realistic above par for the genre an

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    Perhaps this might actually be one of the first books I ve read that was both supernatural and historical, with romance thrown in as well I had no idea this was actually any of those genres when I first read it Frankly, most of Ms Stuart s books haven t been up to par as A Rose at Midnight my favourite book of hers but this was ok Apparently it wasn t memorable to me enough to remem

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    OK insta lust is most definitely not my thing I closed the book as soon as I read the hero telling the heroine I want your body the first time they ever had a conversation.

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    Jessamine is a tarot card fortuneteller gentlewoman down on her luck, living with her beautiful younger sister and mother in poverty Alister is a foppish gentleman jewelry thief, bored with life I liked Jessamine and Alister together, they hated but lusted after each other and their conversations made me smile However, when they were apart all the other plot points bored me There is a lot going

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    I thought this was awesome Anne Stuart s heroes are often really evil people, like murderers and stuff, so it was a nice break that this one was only a thief I was really into both romances, it s one of the only times where I am equally into the primary secondary romance Full of adventure, and romance, and sex, it was a pretty great book view spoiler I love that Fleur took matters into her own hands

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    Jessamyn and Alasdair are as opposite as night and day she is a genteel woman who is on hard times and makes her living by reading Tarot cards for the wealthy Alasdair is an Earl, also on hard times, who fills the empty family coffers by stealing the rich people s jewels Both are delightful characters, and of course when the meet, sparks fly This was a good read and recommended.

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