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Passion's Wicked Torment In a desperate search to find her only brother, Chad, who has been kidnapped by gangsters, innocent Kristen Fleming is forced to take on a secret identity Disguised as a moll, she soon becomes entangled in a web of raw power and rampant desires as violent men vie for her favorsAgainst her will, Kristen falls hopelessly in love with the handsome, enigmatic Dallas Hunter But their future is threatened by a ruthless Roaring Twenties ganglord, who has taken a fancy to Kristen, coercing her into unspeakable acts that make her an unwilling slave to unquenchable passionsFrom the wild frontiers of the Canadian Yukon to the decadent sophistication of a depraved Europe, Kristen becomes the helpless sexual plaything of the world s most famous, rich, and powerful men Only the love of Dallas Hunter can save her the one man who shares the secret of her shame KU title CNF 1 21 2019 27%, last chapter completed, ch 10.NTS Author is a dood this book is way annoying and I have a feeling that this has been modified in the eConversion process Editing errors abound Illogical plot details Annoying heroine.

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