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Passion's Prey They live in the shadows half human, half beast a powerful breed of shape shifters who protect the civilized world from the deadliest of their kindCaprise is tall, beautiful, exotic A goddess in the flesh A dancer, when Caprise takes the stage, she feels the power she holds over men especially the man known as X He watches her night after night He follows her with hungry eyes And he knows her deepest, darkest secret her true animal nature And falling in love with a Shadow Shifter is the most dangerous game of all Xavier has always lived for the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure of the kill But now, as a shifter working for the FBI, he is dedicated to keeping a leash on the world s most savage predators Keeping an eye on a gorgeous creature like Caprise is part of his job But when a deadly new breed of half human killer marks Caprise as his mate, Xavier must fight tooth and claw to save her or risk losing the most sensual and exciting woman he s ever known Another Sexy ShifterA.C Arthur has done it again The Shadow Shifter series continues to amaze me This is another great read This series has taken us from the streets to the jungle and back again I am in love with family of jaguar shifters and I hope we keep getting Caprise is a shifter running from who and what she is She is also running from a past she doesn t want anyone to know about She is a shifter who cannot embrace that part of her life To take her mind away from her issues, she dances She is an exotic dancer who owns the minds of men when she is on stage Xavier is a FBI agent who is deadly to anyone is sets out to hurt those he cares about He is the man who is tasked by Caprise s brother Nick to keep an eye on her and eyeing her is what he does very well Caprise and Xavier have a very HOT relationship It sizzles and their story burns up the pages of this book Keeping in line with the other books in this series, the book has intrigue, hotness, sexy shifters and a devious mastermind Passion s Prey is an excellent read The storyline is well written It has believable plot, great storyline flow and terrific character interaction This is a 5 star read and we HIGHLY recommend it Do yourself a huge favor and pick up all of the books in this series. Passion s Prey is book three in The Shadow Shifters series by A.C Arthur I started this series some time ago and loved the first two books but for some reason I got side tracked and didn t come back to it I m so glad I decided to jump back in to this intense world of jaguar shifters Xavier Santos Markland or X, is one of the two men closest to the Faction Leader, Rome Reynolds, of the Stateside Shadow Shifters Shadow Shifters are half man, half jaguar They originated in the jungles of Brazil but have now integrated themselves among the humans and just want to live normal quiet lives X has a dark past that he keeps hidden away deep within himself His darkness has shaped the man he is today Caprise Delgado is the sister of the Faction Leader s other right hand man, Nick Caprise was away for five years and has finally returned to Washington D.C and to her brother Caprise also has secrets that she won t share with anyone Only now she has begun getting threatening phone calls Has her past caught up with her Caprise is a dancer With no other outlet that allows her to dance, she has taken a job at a strip club Only this strip club is owned by Sabar, a money hungry shifter that is manufacturing a new drug that kills humans Both X and Caprise feel a strong attraction to each other No matter how much they try to ignore it, it won t go away Neither of them wants to be mated Both feel there is too much darkness in their pasts Caprise despises her jaguar half and wants nothing to do with it X is determined to convince her to once again embrace her animal side.The Shadow Shifters only mission is to keep those they love safe and try to rid the streets of the deadly new drug and keep the humans safe as well I loved watching X and Caprise slowly accept that they were destined to be together Chemistry changed to lust which grew to trust and slowly to love But humans are dying and the drugs need to be taken off the streets As they try to navigate their feelings for one another, at the same time they are faced with danger and death.This is sexy and steamy but also action packed and intense You could read it as a stand alone but certain things might be confusing if you haven t read the previous books So, really, it would be better to start at the beginning Every book is amazing, though, and I don t think you ll regret it I can t wait to move on to the next book, Shifter s Claim. 3.5 s rounded up to 4Scorcher Recap Xavier is an FBI agent who also works for Rome Reynolds, the the most powerful, influential Shadow Shifter in the United States Temptation Rising He also works with Nick Delgado, an attorney and another powerful Shadow Shifter Seduction s Shift X is the beefy hulk to their political pull But that doesn t mean he has muscles for brains He s got it all looks, muscles, connections and a wounded soul.Caprise is Nick s sister who had been AWOL for 5 years after their parents death No one knows where she was or what she was doing during that time She can t accept that she s a shifter, because it has done her no good in her life She just wants to be a dancer.Caprise takes a job as an exotic dancer and when X discovers her dancing in a strip club, he flips But what is worse is that Rogues are after her Rogues who are involved in the manufacture and dealing of a deadly new designer drug To top it off, a blast from Caprise s past is after her, to claim her.Neither Caprise nor X wants a relationship They fight it tooth and nail as X is accused of murder, Rogues go on the offensive, and Caprise is stalked My random thoughts The sex in this book seemed gratuitous It opens with Caprise s exotic dance, to which X responds C mon She s an exotic dancer because she can t get a job as a legit dancer I didn t buy it And the BDSM seemed to be thrown in to make the book marketable I suppose the argument could be made that his predilections grew out of X s back story But, again, it seemed gratuitous I didn t care for Caprise much I don t know why authors think that a strong heroine equals a stubborn heroine She was just annoying.The resolution of their problems with mating seemed too easy.I enjoy this series and recommend it But this installment wasn t my favorite I look forward to the next book, which seems to be set up in the last chapter. OMG This book was so good, I was really waiting on this one Miss Arthur s didn t disappoint either, X and Caprise was what the other needed Love can heal all and that s what they did for each other, Caprise wasn t just a spoiled brat like everybody thought She had been through then any of them would have thought I m happy with this book, but now I have questions Like what wrong with the baby, is Shya like her cousin When is Bas going to get some love, and will he get it from nosey a Priya What about the twins and Eil still having a thang for the new bodyguard Nivea I knew Xavier was going to be a hard nut to crack, but Caprise was the right woman for the job lol MUST READ SS ALL DAY Quay s review SS

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