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Outcast British boarding schools aren t for the weak According to the Kings of Mercia Academythey aren t for Americans, either Blake, Edward, and Henry rule my new school They re aristocratic Old money Brutal as hell They ll do whatever it takes to break my spirit and make me leave If I survive Mercia, I ll get a free ride to college My future will be set My past will be forgotten All I have to do is survive their dirty tricks Their dangerous games Their seductive kisses They ve opened hunting season and put a target on my back What they don t know is that one day, the prey will become the hunter Mercia Academy it ain t no cup of tea Outcast is book one of a reverse harem, high school bully romance that contains cursing, dark themes, and sexual situations

About the Author: Sofia Daniel

Sofia Daniel writes bully romances and reverse harem academy stories featuring strong female characters Connect with her at

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    I feel like I m on a RH kick today I don t hate it Outcast went by rather quickly for me It reminded me of some other ones that I ve previousy read which is probably why I liked it so freaking much In it, you will meet Emilia I instantly felt bad for her because she was s

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    Butt ton of reviews here for this book the whole series so I m not going to go to deep into it Instead here s a dramatic summary of what it s like reading this seriesGirl gets bulliedGirl wants to fuck her bullies My internal voice asking why weren t my bullies hot fucking prep

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    3 1 2 Stars High school bully romance with a reverse harem theme Those 3 boys and that school needs a butt load of revenge against them for all they did to this poor girl I hope she gives them what they deserve and don t be a doormat.

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    2.5 starsI m on the fence with this one The plot was interesting enough for me to want to read the next instalment but several things irritated the hell out of me which made me skim read some of the pages and repeatedly roll my eyes Let me start off by saying When someone who isn t from Brita

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I was really excited about the storyline when I read the blurb but around 65% or so the book became familiar I just recently read the Savage Prince series and the only real differences are that one book is in America, th

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    Truthfully I m not sure what I think about this book I felt like it moved to fast, like one minute they hate her and torture her then she is friendly with them.then they get her kicked out of school I couldn t help but notice you looking at us At me, in particular Can t a girl admire the paintings on the w

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    OkI m not sure where to start with this one These boys were very cruel, and I never really got a good enough reason for this It just seemed totally baseless I tried to look past it, it s a book after all, but Emilia was so quick to forgive them after her whole ordeal with Henry I wasn t really convinced of their

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    When I first entered this book I had no idea how I would feel about it Nor did I think how it would go.I sort of like the plot I don t know where it is going to go after this With that ending, I really wonder how she is going to handle the boys after this I can tell you I really don t like the whole we are rich and Brit

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    This was good, there was a slight hold up in me continuing the series so I will be getting back, and I think I will reread this, because it s a little fuzzy, but I was enjoying it I will do a better review when I reread it.

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    Revenge is coming Boys on July 18th and you know what they say Hell has no fury like a woman scorned oh I can t wait

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