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taken in the night They thought they were kidnapping the mistress of one of London s most powerful gangsters But they ve taken the wrong woman And crossed the wrong detectivetaken underground Detective Max Wolfe s hunt for the missing woman takes him from New Scotland Yard s legendary Black Museum to the glittering mansions of career criminals, from sleazy strip joints to secret sex dungeons and to unspeakably dark deeds committed decades agotaken to the limit It s a world of family secrets, sexual jealousy, and a lust for revenge which might also become Wolfe s grave #taken

About the Author: Tony Parsons

There isthan one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Tony Parsons born 6 November 1953 is a British journalist broadcaster and author He began his career as a music journalist on the NME, writing about punk music Later, he wrote for The Daily Telegraph, before going on to write his current column for the Daily Mirror Parsons was for a time a regular guest on the BBC Two arts review programme The Late Show, and still appears infrequently on the successor Newsnight Review he also briefly hosted a series on Channel 4 called Big Mouth.He is the author of the multi million selling novel, Man and Boy 1999 Parsons had written a number of novels including The Kids 1976 , Platinum Logic 1981 and Limelight Blues 1983 , before he found mainstream success by focussing on the tribulations of thirty something men Parsons has since published a series of best selling novels One For My Baby 2001 , Man and Wife 2003 , The Family Way 2004 , Stories We Could Tell 2006 , My Favourite Wife 2007 , Starting Over 2009 and Men From the Boys 2010 His novels typically deal with relationship problems, emotional dramas and the traumas of men and women in our time He describes his writing as Men Lit , as opposed to the rising popularity of Chick Lit.http en.wikipedia.org wiki Tony_Par

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    EXCERPT.they loaded her into their car.And now she felt the violence in them Not spite, or sadism, or wounded, woman hating pride But violence Violence in the hands of deeply experienced professionals who did this sort of thing for a living She saw her baby son, and she called his name, and the child was still sleeping on the back seat, wet lipped and head lolling under the Baby, I m bored sign, and she let

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    Tony Parsons happens to be one of my all time favourite crime writers and if you count yourself as thriller aficionado he should be on your radar too He just has the knack for writing truly gripping, fast paced stories with a twisted narrative and surprises aplenty throughout This is once again a propulsive page turner, but I would go so far as to say that this is his best novel to date This is simply too damn

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    After throughly enjoying and following Tony Parsons contemporary London based crime series that features DC Max Wolfe of Homicide and Serious Crime Command, West End Central since its inception, I have become used to the topical themes and contentious issues they raised The fifth and previous novel, Girl on Fire, disappointed me immensely largely due to the subject matter specifically how close to home the jihadi

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    Tony Parsons will always have a warm place in my heart after his ground breaking Man love and hate So when the author turned his skillful hand to writing a detective series I was eager to see if he could bring the same warmth to characters in a totally diff Tony Parsons will always have a warm place in my heart after his ground breaking Man Boy now unbelievably written 20 years ago, What Parsons excels in is relatio

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    When a young mother, Jessica Lyle, is kidnapped by unknown assailants, Detective Max Wolfe realises he has a dangerous job on his hands At the time of the kidnapping, Jessica was driving her friend Snezia s BMW so were the abductors really after Snezia, thereby hoping to blackmail her gangster boyfriend Harry Flowers The investigation takes Detective Max Wolfe and his boss, DCI Pat Whitestone, from elitist homes in Lon

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    Thank the universe I m finally into July ratings

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    Another rollercoaster of a read from one of my favourite authors A crime thriller par excellence and of course DI Max Wolfe I was in reading heaven A young woman has been abducted from her car and her baby is left in the back seat The woman is the girlfriend of a notorious London gangster Harry Flowers This book has everything I expect from this author andIt got my heart racing, holding my breath and tapping my kindle faster

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    If there is to be a King of Crime to stand alongside the Queen that is Martina Cole, Tony Parson s is the man Taken is written in a similar old school way to Cole, involving villains gangsters, prostitutes, drug dealers, etc and detective work that just passes the level of modern acceptability The story is filled with emotion, outstandingly intriguing characterisation and the tension and suspense, while gradually building, is a

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    Why aren t thereTony Parsons out there writing books for me Or, barring that, why can t Tony Parsons have the superpower of writing incredibly fast so I don t have to wait so long for his next book Parsons writes real, complicated, multi dimensional characters and crimes The main character is one of those few who stays with me and I am always a bit annoyed at the end of a book in the series because I am going to have to wait to se

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    It s so nice to read a police procedural that doesn t play the Big Social Issues card I like my crime fiction to focus on the personal, and here we have the whole swirl of emotions, including love, hate, jealousy, revenge, fear, heartbreak That s the stuff I like, especially when long festering wounds erupt in the present, years later.We begin with an abduction of a beautiful young mother who seems to have been the wrong target It lo

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