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Music Box Danseur Music Box Danseur is a dramatic story about an unmatched professional and private partnership between two male British Ballet dancers Their success and failures are profiled on and off the stage Spanning nearly a decade their respective roles in life confront tremendous family pressures, the pitfalls of fame, and the pivotal importance of friendships lost and those found The dancers odd and daringly different pairing begins in the early eighties Their relationship is initially formed through a mutual understanding of emotional loneliness and disparity The core of their fragile bond is tested over time within a fleet of personal challenges set on dividing the pair As the unwanted son of a fleeing father and a resentful mother of a stolen career in dance, eighteen year old Hart Nader has left his foolish past of sleeping about with strangers behind him His young years as a dancer in training have enrolled him in one of the finest dance schools in London where he seeks to become the success his mother once dreamed of becoming During his dance studies he is met with a company of jealous rivals eager to destroy his dreams His classmates animosity is second in nature to a dynasty of dysfunctional aristocrats that seek to ruin his chance for true love with one of their own Twenty eight year old Sebastian Seymour is Europe s leading prince of ballet Heir to one of the richest and most powerful families in England, Sebastian dances with demons unseen by the people that most admire his artistic talent His flawless footwork and phenomenal stage presence made him a global star His well guarded private life conceals secrets brutally tormenting and sinisterly scarring All of which threaten to end his dancing days at the height of his brilliant career The two dancers struggle to make a life together They defy family members dismiss friends while dancing hand and hand through a deeply affecting and frightfully destructive intimate partnership A relationship so immensely flawed that neither of the two may survive it This story is about a remarkable companionship that is as powerfully profound as it is tragic

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    I finished reading this a few days ago but had to think about what I would write.The story goes into great detail regarding the ballet steps and meanings behind them I often had trouble following it, but it was always interesting I even found myself searching for Nure

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    Unfortunately I couldn t finish this, I quit at the halfway point It was a difficult book to read to begin with, because it s full of errors there instead of they re , your instead of you re and similar a character kept changing name every few pages, from Noble to Nobel a

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    I did not like this book that much It spent way too much time describing dance steps I just kind of got lost Iknow nothing about dance so I did not enjoy the book.

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    My own creation I am pleased with it

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