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Murder on the Matterhorn The second featuring mountaineer and Shakespearean actor Abercrombie Lewker, this time solving a murder in Zermat at the base of the world s most famous mountain

About the Author: Glyn Carr

A pseudonym used by Showell Styles.Author of the Abercrombie Lewker series.

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    Editore Mulatero, collana Brividi, n.2, anno 2018, genere Giallo, 311 pagine,traduzione di Paola Mazzarelli, prima edizione in lingua originale del 1951.Abercrombie Lewker un capocomico londinese non pi giovanissimo con qualche nebuloso passato nei servizi segreti durante la seconda guerra mondial

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    Not so impressive in my opinion The murderer was quite predictable owing to the way the story was moving in and the motive of the murder Could have been written in muchinteresting way.

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    Theatrical manager Abercrombie Filthy Lewker is due a vacation, which he plans to spend mountain climbing, when British intelligence asks him to do a little errand while in Switzerland A colleague from his war years is now starting a political party in France, but the British are not sure of what his politics are a

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