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Model Spy (The Specialists) Teen genius Kelly James is in a lot of hot water A whiz with computers, she agreed to help her college RA, David, uncover some top secret information After all, she doesn t have many friends and David has always been nice to her It doesn t hurt that he s supercute and irresistible, too All she has to do is hack into the government s main computer system But a few hours later, her whole life changes She is caught and taken in for questioning, only this isn t your run of the mill arrest Rather than serve a juvenile detention sentence, she accepts the option to change her name and enlist in a secret government spy agency that trains teen agents to go undercover As if that wasn t overwhelming enough, she discovers that David works for this agency as well And before she even begins to understand what is going on, she s sent on her first mission as an undercover model And who better to partner with than David himself

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    This was one of those books that made me smile the whole way through It was a perfect read right after engaging with the not so light books like Falling Kingdoms and Anna Dressed in Blood.Reading this cute and fluffy first book in the series was such a treat It was a great set up for the next books to come It was fun getting to meet all the characters and learn a

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    This is a perfect example of why I have issues with Young Adult books Some authors pare their writing down for young adults, thinking that by watering down the story and adding strange adages such as yowza will make the story hip and relatable to teenagers The opening chapter was perfect the hook was great The rest of the beginning, after she arrives at the camp, was

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    Umm. after reading the Gallagher series this book fell pretty flat Even I could see through the weak writing The characters completely confused me and there was almost no development It was a pathetic copy off the aforementioned series and like an old, cheesy movie This in no way captured the covert, serious and dangerous life of spies, I doubt the writer had any idea of w

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    This book was kind of fun, but predictable at best, and I didn t really like any of the characters for the most part, although the plot was kind of interesting.

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    No, you re not mistaken I give it a 5 5 without a doubt.If you re looking for a hardcore action packed series matched with heavy romance, this book is absolutely not for you But don t get me wrong Model Spy is definitely a must read It is light, funny, and sweet Yes, innocently sweet With all the rated PG books nowadays, this book fits just perfect as a comic relief.It actually remi

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    I was really excited to read this book REALLY excited I read the blurb and first chapter online, and I was like finally, a good teenage spy book.WRONG The idea was great The main character could have been lovable But the execution of the story was terrible I can t soften the blow here So it s starts of with Kelly getting arrested for hacking the government computer system Then, a strange

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    I think the last time I read a book like this, it was I d Tell You I Love You, But Then I d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter But while this book is as fun as the Ally Carter one, it s different in one significant way GiGi, our protagonist, is a klutz and a technological genius.The story starts when GiGi is arresting for hacking into nine of the eighteen levels in a government system After scar

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    See of my reviews at Me You and My Shelf Model Spy just fell flat for me on so many levels I did not enjoy reading it, and found the story quite cheesy and unbelievable Model Spy is about a teen genius yeah, right who hacks into a government database The government finds out, and she gets recruited by an angency called the specialists She soon has to go undercover in Ushbania as a model to try an

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    I am seriously hooked on these teen spy books right now I really liked this book I was a bit unhappy that books 3 and 4 are on Kindle but book 2 is only paperback or audio The paperback was not available locally so I had to stop reading the series and order it through Hopefully the publisher will work on that I do not agree with the people who gave the book a 1 on because book 2 is not available on K

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    Model Spy by Shannon Greenland is one of those books that is a quick fun filled read I have not read a lot of spy books but this one is a great beginning to the series that I will continue to read It is action packed and full of surprises that the moment you begin to read it you are hooked and need to keep reading it.Kelly James is a teen genius who is at college While at college her RA David asks her to ha

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