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Memoirs of a Janissary English translation reprinted from bilingual ed originally published by Ann Arbor Dept of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan,

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    I think this is an amazing historical document with all kinds of fascinating tidbits I m thrilled it s been translated into English It s a very dry read though Konstanty Michawicz just wanted to give as much information as he could about the Ottoman Turks He describes the Turks training methods and their religion He gives a cool insider view into what it was like to become a Janissary For people who are trying to do resear

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    ok daha fazlas ni bekledi im i in bu 3 y ld z kendime verdim diyebilirim Yeni erinin g nl k ya am ndan kesitler ummu tum Daha ok sava stratejileri, fetihler ve fetih sonras zerine kurulu bir an lar toplulu u B l mler halinde yaz lmas okumay kolayla t r yor Yazar n gerek kulaktan dolma bilgileri do ru kabul etmesi, gerek d nmeli i gere i kendini bazi s rlar veriyormu gibi ya da baz bilgileri arp tarak yazmas a rt c de il ns

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    Rounding this up to 4 stars It s an interesting perspective with some worthwhile tidbits His historical summaries are a little inaccurate okay, sometimes a lot inaccurate , but there aren t too many first hand accounts at least in English from this time and place, so it s valuable if you go into it knowing it was written for what we d today call propaganda purposes The author was a Serb captured by the Turks as a boy and for

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    Okumas zevkli bir kitapt Dev irme bir S rp yeni erinin hat ralar na yer verilen kitapta her ne kadar yeni erinin baz tespitleri tart maya a k olsa da zellikle Trabzon un fethi ve T rklerin sava taktikleri ile ilgili tespitleri takdire ayan Kitap 49 b l mden olu uyor ve bu b l mlerin hepsi birbirinden ba ms z yi okumalar dile iyle.Puan m My rating 4 y ld z 4 stars T rkiye de h l devam eden bir adet vard r Ne zaman padi ah n ye

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    really fun to read.notes at the back of the book are very accurate.

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