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Martha, Jack and Shanco Bound together by blood ties, Martha, Jack, and Shanco live on a farm in Wales, where their lives unfold in the eerie half presence of their dead parents

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    I was sent this book to read by a friend I d never heard of this Author before and from reading about the Author and the book prior to reading it, I found out that the book has been translated from Welsh.The story is a very bleak tale, about three unmarried siblings who all live together on a farm in the Welsh Hills The writing is sparse and beautiful, I hope that th

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    just extra ordinarily moving It s descriptive passages are very beautiful and the characters are powerfully drawn and you feel so strongly for them, the injustice of their lives and the strange bonds they form even in amidst the disappointments and stupidities that are inflicted upon them and sometimes by them An amazing novel fantastic I only wish i could read welsh so a

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    What an unexpected delight this was At times, it felt reminiscent of Evie Wyld s All The Birds, Singing the depth of feelings rolling beneath the stoic surface of unsentimental country people, the remants of a fading lifestyle, and the sparseness of prose Edrych ymlaen at ei ddarllen o yn y Gymraeg roedd y cyfieithiad yn gynnil a phrydferth, ond dw i n gobeithio meddru gwerthf

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    Weirdly quiet dysfunctional family tale set among an aging set of three siblings Jack, Martha, and Shanco, who has a developmental disability of some sort on a farm in Wales Found via the A Year of Reading the World blog book it was the book Ann chose for her UK book The perspective shifts are occasionally fuzzy but I think that might be an artifact of translation from Welsh.

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    I still do daily battle with the suicidal tendencies reading this book engendered Superbly written, but like Hardy without the light bits and if you can find those you re doing pretty well.

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    A joyfully depressing book, intercepted with interludes of dare I say quaintness of antiquity, timelessness, and how far the ties of family bonds could stretch.

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    Enjoyed this tale of three siblings and their complicated relationship very much but I felt some storytelling solutions were clumsy thus the three stars Still, absolutely worth the read, a dark but beautiful picture of a family whose roots are too deep in the past and the land for them to move forward in time.

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    This is not a badly written book, but I did find it seriously depressing, hence the lower score Life on a small Welsh farm owned by three siblings who are well into middle age If Thomas Hardy was alive today, this is the kind of tale he would have written and reading him does depress me.

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    We ve all got ave something to live for Maybe if this book hadn t been hyped up so much I would have enjoyed it , but I went into it expecting a thought provoking experience so my expectations where high.I think it had me reading into things that weren t there While the story takes a while to get in to, it s also rather short Frankly it s a really sad book And I don t think the full impact hit me until the

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