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Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, #1-4) Yorkshire, I am alone When Ivy Leavold is left destitute by her brother’s death, she is taken in by her cousin’s brooding, tortured widowerJulian Markham Handsome and possessive, it’s not long before Ivy falls for him But Mr Markham has dark secrets, secrets that may put Ivy in danger I am afraid As Ivy unravels the mystery surrounding her cousin’s death, she falls deeper and deeper in love with Julian, who opens her body and her mind to his indomitable will But even as he draws pleasure and desire from her night after night, Ivy can’t shake the feeling that their passionate affair may end in violence… And I am completely his So begins the riveting Markham Hall trilogya tangled tale of love, betrayal, and murder This volume includes The Awakening of Ivy Leavold, the second book, The Education of Ivy Leavold, and the third book, The Punishment of Ivy Leavold And then enjoy a final glimpse into Julian and Ivy's lives in the bonus novelette, The Reclaiming of Ivy Leavold!

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    ♦ 4 Wildcat Stars! ♦


    So yesterday I saw some of my GR friends were reading historical and I got je

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    Seductive, enthralling, thought-provoking... Reading this series has been a memorable experience and I enjoyed it immensely. Will I recommend this series? Yes, at least to any erotic historical lovers out there who love to indulge in a book layered with a bucketload of spice, kink and smut. Will I read future books by this author? HELL YES.

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    5 hot, steamy & romantic stars

    He was wild and feral, like myself. We were the same- solitary animals forced into human skin.

    So I must confess that I started off this series with a bit of hesitation. I have never read a historical r

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    5+++ STARS!

    This is an amazingly hot, erotic, sensual series. Julian Markham is commanding, handsome and knows how to use his mouth and other parts of his body in every way!! Ivy is such a strong heroine and is not going to deny her needs or Julian's! I highly recommend this series!

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    3.75 - Punish me - stars

    Markham Hall is a four book series written by a fantastic writer Sierra Simone. The books are short novels that should be read in the following order:
    1 - The Awakening

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    Hot, gritty and liberating. These are the three words I can use to describe the series. It has been a while since I've read a historical romance but this was quite different. The storytelling was unique and deliciously edgy.
    The story of Ivy Leavold is passionate, dark and consuming. Ivy is a poor young woman with no family. When she finds herself in the care of Julian Markham, her late

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    Books in Markham Hall series should be read in order:
    Book 1-4: Markham Hall Series Bundle

    Book 1: The A

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    5 You know why. Stars

    My girls kept telling me I had to meet Julian Markham and they were absolutely right. The historical aspect kept from reading it at first and I'm kicking myself now for not reading the Markham Hall series sooner. Being historical added so much allure to the books and to Julian and Ivy themselves. I loved everything about their story. I loved that it was er

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    The Awakening of Ivy Leavold Review

    Well, there isn't much in the romance genre that I don't read, but historical romance is so,etching that I have never really been too enthusiastic about. I love it on tv, and films but not really books. But after reading Priest by Sierra Simone, and absolutely loving her style of writing, I knew I would make an exception to my no historical romance

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    5 Scorching Hot Stars!

    This is a highly erotic historical romance. I enjoyed the first two parts that were written in Ivey's POV but I must say that the third and fourth were my favorite because you got Julian's as well which I found to be very informative due to his being such a brooding reserved character in the first and second. Julian is one dirty talking, savagely sexy alpha male.

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