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Malaysia at Random Malaysia At Random Is A Collection Of Illustrated Malaysian Trivia Interesting And Unusal Advice, Anecdotes, Folklore, Facts, Tables And Diagrams

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    This review is ad verbatim from my blog If you ever need a literal example of the old adage, Don t judge a book by its cover , then Malaysia At Random is a perfect example Look at that picture It s like they couldn t be bothered, could they Just scatter in some thumbnails of Malaysiana and you re good to go.Horrible, horrible cover but wonderful, wonderful content

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    If there any awards for The Most Ugly Book Cover or The Best Local Book Peoples Don t Read , I will vote both for this book Trust me, this book is full with surprised and interesting trivia about Malaysia from MOna Fandey to the name of traditional Malay Kuih Everything about Malaysia Please don t judge by its ugly book cover, read the contents.

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    A very intereting book with lots of trivia and sort info takesn frm various ousrdes inxluding the inter net cant say that this is a book to0 be read in wholy but in better in random part page Intereting and relatively funny book with also incredible things

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    Great read for everyone, not just Malaysians It s basically random stats, facts and whatever else pertaining to Malaysia, like what license plates are from which states, etc It s also illustrated, so it s not boring like that.I found some interesting tidbits in this book that I never knew.

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