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Lily This story has already been published in the anthology Falling For Them as Lily, also as Another Move This is the same story in the anthology When Lily and her mother move to a small Cornish village she never expected it to be any different from their previous moves But truths she d lied her whole life believing will be shattered Myths will become reality and lies will be exposed Lily is not alone though Nate, Matt and identical twins, Josh and Jake aren t quite what they seem and will change Lily s entire life Whether she wants them to or not Lily is Book One in The Seer Series and was previously released in the Limited Edition Anthology Falling For Them in DecemberNo longer available If you have already purchased the anthology this book is the same and does not include any new content

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    Okay so everybody knows that reverse harems areshall we sayan acquired taste You have to be okay with a girl being torn between guys and the idea that all of these dudes are sort of alright with all being in each others and her business all the fucking time.But this one is different in a way.Yes, all the boys get all gaga over the girl Yes, they fight

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    I would like my 1 back I read the free sample since this one was not KU eligible The sample was shaky but I gave it the benefit since it wasn t bad I gave this one to 40% before I gave it up as too immature 3DNFs in a row This genre is like bad crack Lots of bad trips.

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    This is short it was quick, fun and entertaining Lily is a bit naive but the boys are likable and interesting.

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    So Different So Good When I read this story I could imagine this little town and these characters just flew off of the pages and became real If I didn t love fae before I am crushing on sexy fairy guys now

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    I love this story, it is a great first in series book that introduces us to Lily and the boys Matt, Nate, Joshua and JacobThe storyline is great and it leaves you wanting , I cannot wait for book 2

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    3.8 rtc

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    i love reading books about Fae and i loved this book its about Lilly who mother is an artist and has moved around at lot until she is asked to commission a series of painting through out the different season for the crowder manor which means they will have to stay in cornwall until the paintings are done Lilly has found it hard to make friend because off how much they have moved a

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    This book was a decent start to the series It was originally part of an anthology, so it sof a novella vs novel I didn t mind it s small page count, because we were able to get a general breakdown of the setting, and great character building I m referring to Lily s guys here All the guys were full of life and mostly all stood out the twins sometimes confused me I loved all their person

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    This was my second time reading Lily by R.M Walker It s been a while since I read it so I decided to re read and it s still as good as I remember This story follows Lily a girl who just moved again for the millionth time Every year at the end of an academic year Lily and her mom move Lily rarely makes friends but this small town in Cornish is different Lily makes friends with four guy Nate,

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    This was a great book to introduce the Seer Series Lily has been moving her entire life, never staying in one placethan a year Just her and her mom, she s used to the constant movement, not really bothering to make friends that she ll just have to leave in the end But, after moving to a new home at the end of the summer and starting her last year of school before university, Lily meets four boys

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