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Light It s been than a year since every person over the age of fifteen disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach, California In that time, countless battles have been fought Battles against hunger and lies and plagues and worse, battles of good against evil, and kid against kid Allegiances have been won, lost, betrayed, and won again ideologies have been shattered and created anew, and the kids of the FAYZ have begun to believe that their new society is the only life they ll ever know But now that the Darkness has found a way to be reborn, the tenuous existence they ve established is likely to be shattered for good Will the kids of Perdido Beach even survive Light, the sixth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Gone series which has spanned than , pages asks as many profound and provocative questions as it answers, while bestselling mastermind and author Michael Grant creates an unforgettable, arresting conclusion that readers won t able to stop talking about

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    AFTER READING This series was the first book obsession I had in high school, and I believe that it actually made meinterested in books.And now I must say goodbye to this amazing series BEFORE READING WHY WHY MUST THIS BOOK COME OUT AFTER THE WORLD ENDS WHY Cries EDIT Okay FALSE ALARM The world didn t end

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    Don t fight it, Nemesis The end is the best part of any story The end. view spoiler Diana I m sorry for hurting you I know I did I m most likely dead now, and I guess if there s any kind of fairness in the afterlife I m probably in hell getting roasted But if that s where I am, I want you to know, I still love you Always did Love, Caine hide spoiler CONTAINS

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    Raise your hand if you opened this book and did not put it down until you got to the last page raises both hands Holy crap and a half, Batman Michael Grant, I applaud you, good sir A perfect ending to a nail biting series I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I cried, I threw my Nook in angst, I cried some , I cheered, I cried and I cried and I cried And..my favorite cha

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    And so the Gone series has come to an end I m obviously not going to post any spoilers for the ending and I see no real point in reviewing just this book because you re probably going to base your decision of whether or not to read Light on your experience with the previous books So I thought I d do something of a series review here, for those who haven t picked up this

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Well, I finished it And one thing tastes bitter view spoiler CaineGod, I called that sacrifice And the gaiaphage being in his head And him writing letters and taking the blame for the FAYZ That is almost exactly the way I wanted him to go The Petey thing was just icing on the cake.And it sucks Be

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    So I haven t started it quite yet I d like to finish my current reads before tackling this one, I think.

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    Update 7 28 2013.Well it s kind of a bitter sweet feeling that this series is now over I really enjoyed this series probablythen any other series I have ever read It s very rare that I love every book in a series and in this series, I can t pick my favorite simply because they were all amazing The only reason I m giving this book 4 stars is because he killed Breeze Fuck you Michael Th

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    If you haven t yet begun this series I urge you not to continue, or even are at least finished Fear.BEWARE OF EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS, TOO.Originally published at Book Probe ReviewsTurn out the light, Sam Sam reached for the switch and turned out the light For the past four years I ve followed Michael Grant s Gone series I ll admit I came to this party almost three years late One day browsing

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    I can t wait Although, not to criticize, but come on Gone Hunger Lies, Plague, Fear And now LIGHT Really Maybe the title should have been a LITTLE less positive It s making me worried that it will have a cruddy, cliche happy ending, like the FAYZ wall comes down, and everyone s happy and it s all virtual reality and the dead kids aren t really dead I m crossing my fingers that this amazing seri

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    So I started reading this the night before school, I told myself that it was going to be very emotional for me and that I was going to cry a lot So the next day I continued reading at school, and as I was reading, I thought Ha, this isn t that bad after all, I don t even feel remotely upset , only to get half way through the book and find tears streaming down my cheeks and goosebumps on my arms, sev

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