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Jessie's Mountain Livy Two has always dreamed of becoming a singer, and her decision to run off to Nashville s Music Row is made with confidence she figures the money she ll bring home will buy the family s house as well as forgiveness for running away The Nashville adventure is a disaster, though even her cherished guitar is stolen Livy Two takes her failure hard, but finds comfort in the girlhood diary of her mother, Jessie Outraged to discover that young Jessie had dreams now long forgotten, Livy Two puts the whole family to work and makes Mama s ultimate dream come true Jessie s Mountain concludes the captivating three book saga of Livy Two and her mountain family, the Weems of Maggie Valley, North Carolina

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    After the first two books in this series, I had to find out the rest of the story I also developed an online tourism guide for the series with Kerry s help at the Southeastern Literary Tourism

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    Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadToo.comTwelve year old Olivia Livy Two Weems can t quit worrying about the mean letters that the landlady keeps sending her family Ever since the car w

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    Madden, Kerry 2008 Jessie s Mountain.I liked the first Maggie Valley novel, Gentle s Holler 2005 I loved the second Maggie Valley novel, Louisiana s Song 2007 I really really loved the third nov

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    Jessie s Mountain is about a girl named Livy Two She, her family of 10 other brothers and sisters, and parents all live together in North Carolina Livy Two has a passion for singing and playing t

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    This beautifully written trilogy by Kerry Madden is filled with life s dichotomies and the lessons they can offer us Set in a North Carolina holler, the family members Madden introduces are multi

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    I gave this book a four star rating because the author really relates to reality I like the characters of this book and i like their couragous ideas There is one character that i would have to say

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    Great story Simple and enjoyable addition to the Weems family history I hope there s a fourth on the way sometime, but meanwhile, I ll go back and read Gentle s Holler to catch up I love the Smoky M

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    Loved this little 3 book series It was refreshing to take a break from what I usually read and even though these are meant for the younger people, I feel that anyone who reads them will find a smile

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    Girl in North Carolina Smoky Mountains, 1960s, deals with her family and makes her dreams come true Very well told, great characters, and lots of emotion Third in a series, but stands very well on its

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    Beautiful writing and realistic characters introduce middle grade readers to people and a way of life that is both historic and timeless.To read our full review, go to the Reading Tub Beautiful writing

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