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Idol A hugely entertaining and glamorous debut, perfect for fans of the X Factor, from an exciting new voice in young women s fictionMeet Jenna Jonsson and Sadie Laine two gorgeous, glamorous twenty somethings fighting to make it to the top of their chosen professionsBeautiful and talented, Jenna is an international pop star, determined to take her career to the next level And when a chance meeting leads to an opportunity for Jenna to work with world famous rock band Phoenix, Jenna is quick to agree although her decision is somewhat influenced by Nick Taylor, the drummer with Phoenix and the most gorgeous man Jenna has ever met Meanwhile, Sadie is a struggling dancer and a childhood rival of Jenna s Ambitious and passionate, she is determined to fulfil her dreams And a move to Las Vegas yields an unmissable career opportunity and a chance at true loveJenna and Sadie s lives are about to collide but will sparks fly Or will they be able to put the past behind them

About the Author: Carrie Duffy

Carrie Duffy grew up in North Yorkshire before moving to Paris at the age of eighteen After studying PPE at Trinity College, Oxford, she trained as an actress She has worked professionally as both an actor and dancer, and she currently lives in west London.

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    Like most Chick Lit fans, the arrival of a brand new Chick Lit author is something to cheer I love a good debut novel, there s no expectations, no preconceived notions, nothing Just the chance to be introduced to the new wave of Chick Lit authors who join have the chance to join the ranks of Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella et al and become authors I look out for Idol is a novel I

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    After a lucky break winning a talent contest, Jenna Jonsson was now an international pop superstar She was living the dream When Jenna after taking a short break in her career, gets the chance to record with a world famous American band called Phoenix, with a dishy drummer called Nick Taylor who for a long time Jenna has had a crush on Jenna takes the opportunity to work with the band J

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    This is my first chick lit book and i got this book for RM8 on a sale for some light reading and I d say after reading it I would ve totally gotten the book for its original price Pretty well written for a first time author Love the characters and even though the story line was pretty predictable I think it s a job well done Carrie It was a page turner and i would definitely reread Loved it.

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    This was a good, fun, chick lit read Perfect for when you just want to curl up, relax and unwind, allowing your mind to wander of into the fantasy land of Fiction

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    Really enjoyable readThis is the first book by Duffy that I have read and thoroughly every page Based on a celebrity pop star and a struggling professional dancer, who have history from their childhood that they must put aside and work together to achieve a joint revenge goal.

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    I came across Carrie Duffy when I was putting together content for International Chick Lit Month and the synopsis of her new book, Diva immediately spoke to me Three ladies living in Paris who are trying to make something of themselves in the fashion world The release date for Diva was not until a few months down the line so I contained myself by reading her previous title, Idol The outline of this book is very similar to

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    At first I didn t think this book seemed very promising, but theI read theI found myself getting into it Still it s not really my kind of book I like novels about fame, so that s why I picked this up I found the book really gripping towards the end The novel is about the perspective of two young women Jenna Jonsson, a famous pop singer who is living the dream and Sadie Laine, a struggling dancer who should be where Jenna is A few

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    As far as chick lit books go, this wasn t anything to rave about It was okay The men were relatively hot, if not a bit bland, and the women were the type that you were supposed to be insanely jealous of Which I wasn t This was mostly because the two protagonists weren t likeable, particularly Jenna, who often came across as childish and spoiled Supposedly she grew as a character as someone points out at the end, but I did not see this at a

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    Great chick lit book, a good storyline, you could read about the characters ups and downs, get frustrated when they make an obviously bad decision and laugh at the whole thing I think this would make a great movie Overall I thought this was a good book, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes these sort or girly books I love this author and would read every one of her books This was a great poolside read This book was definitely worth reading

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    So I needed a new book to purchase and what can I say I am honestly impressed It is quite raunchy and I believe if you are a fan of x factor or sex and the city you will enjoy this book I m not going to give much away about the plot but it is a really enjoyable and fun read Also if you are jetting off on holiday it will be an amazing poolside read.

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