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Her Majesty's Harem I wish I could see their eyes The way they squeeze shut How they roll backBut they re always blindfoldedFor my own safety, of courseUnlike what others might think, the Queen can t do however she pleasesFucking commoners is simply too dangerous Playing with them while my guards watch, though To satisfy her dominant sexual urges without ruining her reputation, Her Majesty plays with blindfolded, submissive men for her pleasureWhile her guards watchNot only does she enjoy having multiple men her reverse harem touching her and making her come, but also she enjoys torturing her personal escorts, Sir Quinlan and Sir Edward, by making them watch, knowing they both have feelings for herBut what if the heart of this queen domme belongs to one of them as well Is this sadist tortured, too, that she can t have what sexually satisfies her the most Her own soldiers Read Her Majesty s reverse harem sexy erotic story to find outHer Majesty s Harem is a Reverse Harem erotic short story that is first in a seriesNext in line Her Majesty and the Virgin available for pre order now this story is erotic with explicit sex scenes, language and hints of BDSM

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    This is a very interesting short story about a dominant woman with her own harem of men She enjoys playing mind games with them, being sexually assertive, and seems to be a bit of an exhibitionist as well The author s writing style is very appealing and the book

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    Book ReviewBasic Details Book Title Her Majesty s HaremSubtitle Her Royal Harem 1 Author N.J AdelGenre Erotic fiction BDSMPart of a series YesOrder in series 1stBest read after earlier books in series N AAvailable score I scored this book 4 5 Short Summary of book

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    Her Royal Harem came recommended to me as an erotic romance novella with epic love and torture with disclaimers for BDSM, female domination, violence, and explicit sex To say that my curiosity was piqued would be an understatement.Her Majesty s Harem, a reverse har

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    Amazing readI wouldn t normally buy a book from a author I haven t heard of or even one that is a short series But I am so glad I did This book is different The start of the story is raw sexual desire and the main character has a code with how she chooses who she is

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    Just awesome short story, the strong characterization and the proper way of description made the book just brilliant The cover of the book is really attractive and beautiful.The language is proper also Really hot It worth enough of time I m waiting for the next part

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    4 StarsQuick, Hot, Lustful Teaser super short story enough to get you in the mood OR make you shout. WTF, where is the rest

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    Hot Hot Hot Her Majesty s Harem is a fresh, unusual, and one of the hottest reverse harem stories I ve ever read It s very sexy The female lead character is strong, which makes her even sexier The erotic scenes are vivid The fantasy is well written.I like how the Queen

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    Hot This is a super hot reverse harem short story Can t wait to see what happens next It will be interesting to see the guard s reactions.

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    Decir que es malo es poco

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