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Hellion (Seven Brides for Seven Bastards #7) 7 10 The seven bastard sons of Guillaume d Anzeray are on a mission to find wives women to breed the next generation of a dark dynasty that many wish to see extinctIt won t be easy to find brides from among the Norman nobility, for the d Anzeray are upstarts, their family s fortunes raised through bloodshed and violence As one holy man and chronicler of their times has written, From the devil they came and to the devil they will return But these brothers don t care much for holy men or for what is written about them Now, with the future of their bloodline at stake these mercenary warriors need wives and they have no scruples when it comes to claiming the women they desireWarning This , word story contains orgies, public humiliation, branding, shaving, spanking, caning, and is intended for mature audiences

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