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Hawkwood: A Regency Crime Thriller The year is , and Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood is ordered by Chief Magistrate James Read to investigate the double murder of a coachman and a naval courier on the Kent Road Hawkwood is initially puzzled as to why Read is so concerned by this relatively mundane case, but as his investigation unfolds, another body is discovered, and a higher agenda begins to emerge an attempt by the Emperor Napoleon to bring about a crushing military and psychological blow to Britain, the means of which would bring terror to the seas for years to come

About the Author: James McGee

Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread forinformationJames McGee was born into an army family He was educated in Gibraltar, Germany and Belfast, giving him a love of travel, which is evident in his meticulous, vivid portraits of diverse people and places His career has encompassed banking, bookselling and thirteen years in the airline business He has also presented book reviews for BBC local radio and several independent stations.

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    In case the one star did not give it away, here are a few things I suggest rather than reading this book Jumping into the Thames.Removing your own fingernails.Inviting the Westboro Church over for dinner.Reading Fifty Shades of Gray Freed Not just the sex scenes ALL OF IT.I know that can seem harsh, but let me expl

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    I really enjoyed this Regency historical adventure with impossible, but fun, near escapes But there is also some meat to go along with the adventure, from the filthy, fetid stench of London s overcrowded streets and back alleys to the regimented broad shoulders of the Admiralty Matthew Hawkwood is a strong, capable Bow Stre

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    3.75 starsI went into this book with no expectations I d never heard of it but I came across it at a used book store, saw that it was set during the Regency period, and decided to give it a shot I m glad I did because I ended up really liking it It features Matthew Hawkwood, a former rifleman in the British army, who now earns his l

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    Just arrived from UK through BM This is a historical and mystery novel which is based on the Regency London. The most interesting part of this book is showing the first attempt of the construction of an undersea boat by Robert Fulton, in December of 1799The idea of this American inventor was to use his weapon by the French government a giant

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    RATCATCHER Bow Street Runner London Napoleonic GMcGee, James 1st in seriesHarperCollins, 2006 Hardcover Matthew Hawkwood, a former soldier and a sharpshooter, is now one of ten Bow Street Runners When Highwaymen stop a coach and kill a government courier, Hawkwood is called in to find them In time, he finds what he is really seeking is the contents o

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    I liked this mystery thriller which reminded me of John Dickson Carr s historical mysteries.This is the first of a series following Matthew Hawkwood, ex Ranger sharpshooter a la Sharpe s Rifles with a shady past and now one of the elite and still shadowy Bow Street Runners The story gets a bit wacky It begins with a highwayman and his apprentice robbing a coa

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I bloody loved this High jinks in the early 1800 s.Matthew Hawkwood is a wonderful character Ex military sharp shooter, now a bow street runner Matthew has a clear view of what is right and wrong and that doesn t always match his bosses view He s a lover as well as a fighter.Hawkwood is as

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    The prologue sets the dark tone for the whole book The two highwaymen who robbed the coach killed a coachman and an officer in cold blood One of them even cut off the officer s hand And that is the case Matthew Hawkwood, an ex army officer and now one of the best Bow Street Runners, is assigned to solve.I loved how the hero is introduced Two urchins pick pocketed some officers

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    Really enjoyed this story It moves at a cracking pace and I found that I couldn t put it down The hero is a deep character and I only hope to get to know himwith each book It s set in the regency period of London with a lot of the action taking part in the slums and back alleys The story has a number of twists and turns The final scene was a great ending to the tale.

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