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Grandmaster Performance Soviet super GM Lev Polugaevsky, one of the world s leading players over the last quarter of a century, has several times been a Candidate for the World Championship He presents hereof his best games selected and grouped to give a clear impression of how victory is gained in chess Among the points he singles out are a fundamental knowledge of the openings, skill in attack and defense, strategic planning, endgame technique and a factor of increasing significance the psychology of play in critical situations Grandmaster Performance is the follow up book to the acclaimed book Grandmaster Preparation by Lev Polugaevsky Grandmaster Preparation was primarily concerned with the discovery and development of a new chess opening, that became known as the Polugaevsky Variation This book is a collection of deeply analyzed and instructive grandmaster games by Polugaevsky

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    Like Geller, Polugayevsky had some difficulty getting to the very top and again, it is so hard to judge this when there is no room to be there in the first place Still, he himself admitted some temperamental difficulties he had and it makes this story all theinteresting, from his chapter on the psychology of the c

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