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Good People in an Evil Time In the s Svetlana Broz, granddaughter of former Yugoslav head of state Marshal Tito, volunteered her services as a physician in war torn Bosnia She discovered that her patients were not only in need of medical care, but that they urgently had a story to tell, a story suppressed by nationalist politicians and the mainstream media What Broz heard compelled her to devote herself over the next several years to the collection of firsthand testimonies from the war These testimonies show that ordinary people can and do resist the murderous ideology of genocide even under the most terrible historical circumstances We are introduced to Mile Plakalovic, a magnificent humanist, who drove his taxi through the streets of Sarajevo, picking the wounded up off the sidewalk and delivering food and clothing to young and old, even when the bombing was at its worst We meet Velimir Milosevic, poet, who traveled with an actor and entertained children as they hid in basements to avoid the bombing and gunfire, and we hear the stories of countless others who put themselves in grave danger to help others, regardless of ethnic background Faced with a world in which unspeakable crimes not only went unpunished but were rewarded with glory, profit, and power, the Bosnians of all faiths who testify in this book were starkly confronted with the limits and possibilities of their own ethical choices Here, in their own words they describe how people helped one another across ethnic lines and refused the myths promoted by the engineers of genocide This book refutes the stereotype of inevitable natural enmities in the Balkans and reveals the responsibility of individual actions and political manipulations for the genocide it is a searing portrait of the experience of war as well as a provocative study of the possibilities of resistance and solidarity The testimonies reverberate far beyond the frontiers of the former Yugoslavia This compelling book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the reality on the ground of the ethnic conflicts of the late twentieth and the twenty first centuries

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    a tko na h rku papiera od my lienky nen visti k inom vojny je vzdialenos stra idelne kr tka od snahy o porozumenie inakosti k stereotypu o loveku n roda, i n bo enstva podobne odvies sa 9hod n vlakom smerom k hlasnej dychovke a tich m e te zni en m domo

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    Chilling collection of stories Accounts rotate between Serb, Croat, and Bosniak Muslim perspectives Interestingly, the editor of this book, Svetlana Broz, is the granddaughter of Marshall Tito She clearly believes in the concept of a Yugoslav, an identity t

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    I belong to the generation that, during adolescence, watched Yugoslavia civil wars by television and saw many news about massacres, destruction and genocide, that made me think that that former Yugoslavs were a bunch of savages.Fortunately this book gives a tot

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    Berte m s rezervou, proto e j nem m r da pov dkov kn ky Nejde se do nich za st, nejde mi st dv pov dky po sob , seru se s tim dycky jak s prvn l skou.Tak zaprv , co m l bejt ten sebest ednej vod, m la jsem pocit e v ruce dr im minim ln druhou bibli Ty p b hy by mi

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About the Author: Svetlana Broz

Dr Svetlana Broz was born in Belgrade in 1955 as the youngest child of Zarko Broz eldest son of Josip Broz Tito and Dr Zlata Jelinek Broz Since 2000, she has been living in Sarajevo and became Bosnian citizen in 2004.1970 1975 Free lance journalist many articles and interviews published in newspapers and magazines.1980 graduated with high marks at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade.1981 1999 Physician and specialist in Cardiology at the Military Medical Academy.1992 at the outbreak of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Svetlana Broz volunteered as a cardiologist In January 1993 began interviewing for the book that describes human experiences during the Bosnian War This was published in 1999 as Dobri ljudi u vremenu zla Good People in an Evil Time by Media Centar Prelom, Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina Started work on a new book on interethnic marriages entered into during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2000 moved to Sarajevo.She is a member of various NGOs in Sarajevo including the International Multi religious and Inter cultural Center, the Association of Independent Intellectuals CIRCLE 99, The BH Society of Victimologists, Education Builds BH and International Center for Children and Youth Novo Sarajevo.In 2001 she became President of the Board of The First Children s Embassy in the World, the Director of the Sarajevo office of the NGO Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide and President of the Sarajevo City Govrenment s Steering Committee for the Garden of the Righteous.Since 2001 became International advisor of Conflict Management Group, Cambridge, MA, USA.2002 City Government of Milan Italy opened the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide in which they planted tree in honor of Svetlana Broz for righteous who opposed ethnic cleansing in BH.2003 Member of the International Advisory Board of Center for Macro Projects and Diplomacy, Roger Williams U., Rode Island, MA, USA2003 Published an essay in the book The Iraq War and Its Consequences Thoughts of Nobel Peace Laureates and Eminent Scholars 2004 Good People in an Evil Time translated by Ellen Elias Bursac is published by Other Press, NY, USA 2005 Published a new book Imam petlju What it Takes , Sarajevo2006 Member of Editorial Board of Magazine Duh Bosne Spirit of Bosnia An International, Interdisciplinary, Bilingual, Online Journal 2006 Published the book Having What It Takes Essays on Civil Courage, GARIWO Sarajevo2005 2008 delivered over 700 public lectures and media events in BH and abroad2007 Honorary member of the board of Eastern European Service Agency EESA , San Jose, California2008 I giusti nel tempo del male translated by Ognjen Tomic is published by Erikson, Italy Over the past years she has been lecturing at various universities in the USA American University Washington D.C Antioch College Berkeley University Graduate Theological Union Boston College Boston University College of the Holy Cross Dartmouth College Dickey Center at Dartmouth Gustavus Adolfus College Hampshire College Harvard School of Public Health Harvard University Hunt Alternatives Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Harvard University Lowell House Harvard University Social Studies Haverford College Hope College Illinois University Indiana College Institute for World Religions Berkeley Buddhist Monastery Middlebury College Montclair State University Monterey Inst of International Studies New Haven University North Carolina University Roger Williams University Rosemont College Saint John s University San Francisco State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University Seattle University School of Law Sonoma State University St Michael s College Stanford University Tufts University University of Cali

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