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God - Is He Out There? If God exists, prove it then If God exists, what does it have to do with me If all this is true, now what This series of short workbooks, from theMarks Urban series, are designed to help you think through some of life s big questions It all starts with the most important question of all God Is He Out There The questions that follow all hinge on our answer to that question If we answer that there is a God, then how can we get to know Him and how should we now live

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    No one believes in God any, right Isn t belief in God like imagining fairies are living at the bottom of your garden This is what the man on the street thinks But is he right This book is a brilliant introduction to the one, true God for the man on the street Highly recommended.

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    I bought this book when I was in Belfast from an evangelical bookstore I was drawn to the book because it is written by Mez McConnell who has a fairly significant connection to the church I attend here in Edinburgh Charlotte Chapel Although basic and written primarily for seekers and new believers, I was inspired and impressed by McConnell s down to earth and practi

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    Excellent ReadThis book is great for unbelievers who have questions It is also a great reminder for Christians Very well written

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    This book is the first in a series of books designed to walk a person from asking questions about God to mature Christian faith This first book is designed to answer questions about the existence of God, but it culminates with a clear unpacking of the Gospel These books are designed to be used among the urban poor, so there s a simplicity and clarity here that is ofte

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