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In December 1961, Indian Troops Marched Into Goa Putting An End To Over 450 Years Of Portuguese Rule, The Longest Spell Of Colonialism On The Subcontinent, And Goa Became Part Of The Indian Union In Popular Imagination, However, Goa Has Remained A Place Not Quite India, And Stereotypes About Goa And Goans Abound Maria Aurora Couto S Unique Blend Of Biography, Memoir And Social History Brings Us The Goa Behind The Beaches And Booze Culture That Is Projected For The Tourist And Which Has Unfortunately Come To Define Goa For The Vast Majority Outside The State.Starting With An Account Of The Immediate Aftermath Of Liberation, Couto Goes Back And Forth In Time To Examine The Fundamental Transformations In Goan Society From 1510, When Afonso De Albuquerque Conquered Goa, Up To The Present Drawing Upon The Experiences Of Her Own Family And Those Of Others, Both Hindu And Catholic, She Writes Of The Influences That Have Touched All Goans The Luso Indian Culture Conversion And The Inquisition Political And Cultural Changes In Europe Such As The French Revolution And The Ideals Of Republicanism Folk Traditions, Music And The Konkani Language And, Ultimately, Freedom And Integration With India In The Process She Reveals How Goa, Which Combines The Best Of Traditional And Cosmopolitan Lifestyles, Has Evolved Into India S Twenty First Century Model Of Economic Development And Communal Harmony Written With Sensitivity, Insight And Scholarship, Goa A Daughter S Story Is At Once Expansive And Intimate A Moving Narrative About Home, The Village And The World, In Which The Author Crosses The Boundaries Between History And Memory, Truth And Imagination, To Evoke Personal And Community Experience It Is As Much An Appraisal Of Goa S Past As It Is An Examination Of Its Present And A Vision For Its Future. Goa

About the Author: Maria Aurora Couto

Maria Aurora Couto is an Indian writer, historian and educationalist from Goa She taught English literature in colleges in India particularly New Delhi and has contributed to periodicals in India and the United Kingdom In 2010, she received the Padma Shri award.

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    Going by the amount of time I took to finish reading this book, one can guess it s definitely not a page turner The premise of the book is nice the history of Goa the influence of Portuguese colonization However, I felt the author tried to put in too many things including her family s stories.What comes across ver

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    Insightful delicately threading together the author s personal story with the state s sprawling colonial past The narrative however, is loose and long winded while the prose, too gratuitous for my liking.

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    It is a very special book to me It leads me back to Goa and forward It is written not merely with the knowledge of someone who knows Goa and Portugal, but love both.

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    An intensely researched book The insight offered is immensely strong.

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    What a waste of a beautiful cover This book is past boring There s no way anyone would read it unless they needed some specific nuggets of some unspeakably mundane trivia.

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