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Glass Towers Trilogy ANNIVERSARY EDITION Get Lost in the Power of Towers in this Steamy Romance A Potent Combination of Suspense, Intrigue and Romance THE SENSUAL TALE OF DANIELLE AND HARRISON Anniversary Edition of the Glass Towers Trilogy All three books in one download It s still the same story but with significant changes Included in this Anniversary edition is the entire trilogy revised, re written, new material added and some of it removed along with a brand new ending Don t worry though, all of the characters that you loved and hated will still be a part of the adventureMeant for mature audiences, contains graphic sexual content and language Beautiful small town interior decorator Danielle Austen Pyne had finally rid herself of her charismatic two timing husband Bradley Pyne While she has sworn off men, Danielle secretly retains her romantic ideals about love and marriage HARRISON TOWERS, an enigmatic mega mogul, however, has turned his own romantic loss into a coldly cynical attitude about relationships and women This sexual master has vowed to keep his relationships strictly physical with no strings attached This powerful business tycoon is about to break all of Danielle Austen s rules and his own, as they embark on an intensely erotic and passionate, no strings attached relationship As Danielle gets closer to Harrison Towers, she quickly learns being in Harrison s world is not all glamour when power, lust, money, greed and danger present themselves at every angle and threatens to tear them apart Making matters worse, Danielle finds herself the victim of a mysterious stalker, who seems to know her every move Caught in a tangled web of danger, money and power, Danielle begins to despair, as escape seems impossible Though fate has brought them together, their pasts continue to threaten their future Will Harrison and Danielle be able to face these challenges together Will their love be enough to conquer their tormentor s evil plots Will they get their storybook ending, or will other forces finally exact their revenge Scroll up and grab a copy today

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The author s of Glass Tower Trilogy happen to be two longtime friends, who met in the fashion industry years ago They currently live in two different states and have co written multiple pieces together but have not published until now.The inspiration of other successful self published authors has blazed the trail for Adler and Holt, and has led them to the world of E Publishing Thus, The Glass Towers Trilogy was created and muchto follow Books onpublished by Adler and Holt Glass Towers Trilogy Book 1 Champagne ShowersBook 2 ShatteredBook 3 SurrenderedBook 4 Harrison Towers, Memoirs of a MogulSimone Clarke Musings of a Lonely Girl Abroad, ParisHer Power, His ShameThe Breaking Book 1 in the Her Power, His Shame Series Relentless Pursuit due out in September 2013 The Trifecta due out October 2013 Simone Clarke Musings of a Lonely Girl Abroad, Italy due out Fall 2013

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    Sex, stalkers, blahSo this started off pretty good Danielle is divorcing her cheating husband and is looking forward to starting her new life and business Sounds promising Then she meets Harrison Thus begins several chapters of repetitive dialogue

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    I m so sorryI hate to give bad reviews, but I really couldn t get through even the first part of book one It was not very well written and it just wasn t at all what I hoped.I m not sure where all the great reviews came from, maybe I m missing something, b

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    Good bookI gave it 5 stars because of the love story and of course everything else I have already told friends and co workers it a must read.

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