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Generation Stables Amanda is captured by the mysterious stablemaster to be turned into a ponygirl, a sexual slave whose life is one of being trained to bit and harness, who lives only to serve her groomsmen Mandy a feisty businesswoman in her former life needs severe training, through constant spankings and canings, but eventually she learns to love the life of a ponygirl Mandy s life at the extreme edge of BDSM as she becomes a successfully bred ponygirl But life in the breeding barn is just as extreme, and her grooms are just as strict with her as ever Contains nonconsensual spanking and caning, anal and breast punishment, fantasy rape, fantasy slavery, and bondage scenes, anal punishment, and bondage

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    Amanda is a high powered banking executive who is caught and turned into a ponygirl As a surprise, she s a VIRGIN The real bonus as her trainer Andy and groom Ted learn, Mandy likes spankings The harder, the better and she becomes wetter Naughty little Mandy receives welts after welts for disobedience Talk about corporal punishment for this little minx.The

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    I really enjoyed reading this book, and was set to give it 4 stars, which causes me to worry a bit about myself actually right up until the end which I found very unsatisfying No, not because it wasn t a romantic HEA type ending, that would have been ridiculous in this story To me, it felt as if the author was called away from her writing, but decided to end t

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    I don t understand why the author decided to add children into an erotica And the abuse of children in most horrific way I am sorry, but that cannot be a fantasy You know there are real life events about this Not in pony play way but a woman can tolerate terrible things done to her, maybe even like it in the end but no matter how far they have gone I cannot accept

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    2.75 starsi read this for the BDSM GRoup taboo challenge when Menage Pet Play were spun i m always up for a good abduction captivity story and this sounded like a good fit i m not sure i would have sought this category if not for the challenge but as these challenges are designedtaboo boundaries are pushed i think it was a good and gentle introduction to something pre

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    Oh, I enjoyed this one It is pretty hot and the captive pony girls are generally treated quite well I think it helped that she doesn t dwell on the body modification because when I think about it too much I don t like it The other part Ms Faulkner doesn t address are thoughts of what happens when the ponygirls are too old for breeding Where and how do they retire I fear t

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    This is not my first time reading Generation Stables The first I read this, I was on some medication that pretty much destroyed my short term memory So by the time it finally clicked in my mind that this time was a repeated reading, I was far enough in to just finish the thing I want to say I hated this book I certainly should hate this book From descriptions that manage to b

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    What the hell did I just read I d been quite curious about reading a pony play book since, I ll admit, Tristan s time as a pony with that tail shove up his arse from Beauty s Punishment sparked a certain interest But what I got with this book was clearly not what I had in mind.The writing style was a mess There were made up words like clitty and cunny and a y added to a few other

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    I find this one difficult to even rate I wanted to scrub my brain after reading it to erase the experience, but then went back to reread certain parts Like the other Faulkner books, this is a total non con, never con sadistic fantasy The only other pony play I d encountered was in Ann Rice s

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    A very fucked up dark part in my mind might accept reading about abducted women forced into pony play, but children born to become ponies That s a horrific twist in the gut All I was able to think about was the motherly fatherly feelings any parents uncontrollably gets How can any father grow his son or daughter to be become ponies punish fuck breed them or let anyone else do it Or can a

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    Um, no Editing was horrid At one point the name of the main character was messed up Instead of Aaron the author used Andrew There are approximately 10 characters in the entire book, it s not complicated The author switched between charter POV s mid paragraph without any warning The book picked up right away but it was all over the place with absolutely no flow of events The time line was cho

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About the Author: Carolyn Faulkner

Carolyn was one of you as a kid, with the intriguing seeds planted in her head of the shivering thrill thoughts that came with words like spanking, or discipline As with you, those kinds of words and thoughts connected the heated blush of her cheeks with feelings elsewhere, which gotandinteresting the older she got.I bet you know just what I m talking about.Like some, she started writing down these thoughts, escaping into short stories of reluctant heroes willing to take someone they love in hand when it s for her own good andshadowy thoughts as her imagination matured.And like some, she started sharing her writings in newsgroups once she gained some confidence.There s nothing like the perfectly turned phrase, the handful of words that can make a feeling wash over you And if you re reading this, then you have within you some intense feelings that most of the world doesn t understand but Carolyn does, and she writes those passions with wondrous abandon Her specialties are Spanking Romance and Adult Ageplay, so we ve grouped the many examples of her work that way.Spanking Romance Classics are sweeping love stories which dare in a very un PC way to allow their heroine to feel the special love of a strong man who will take her in hand when it s best for her Carolyn writes very real, rich characters and stories that aren t just excuses to jump from spanking scene to spanking scene If the timeless tango of pursuing ardor touches you, and the head rush of Adoring Discipline intrigues you, then you ll love Carolyn s stories

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