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Finding Heart Tracy Kelly has another depressive breakdown after living as a single mom to an autistic child, two years out of a ten year marriage She s lost her spirit, has no direction for where to go in life, and realizes she s been living life through and for her son She also realizes this pattern of mental health issues will continue unless something changes A radical plan is born.The decision to let go of the primary care taking of her son to his father is just the beginning She sells everything and, without a plan or timeline, takes the leap of faith to follow her heart At thirty six, she puts her life in a backpack and flies to Europe to see the places she s always dreamed of seeing She begins to find out who she is outside of being a mother outside of being someone s wife.She discovers a woman in need of irresponsibility, a woman yearning for sexual exploration, and a woman trying to find and redefine who she truly is Yet, she still struggles with anxiety and depression, still misses her son and questions whether putting herself first was the right decision.Spiritually, she encounters overwhelming synchronicities and finds that hearts have literally, figuratively, and physically led her on a journey to the healing of her own heartand the sacred feminine within and without.In the end, she learns that while it may appear selfish, taking care of yourself and putting yourself first sometimes, is the ultimate act of self love.Available in Print with full colour travel photos or in text only ebook format.For the ebook, visit

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